Brock Lesnar Might Finally Get Hit With That UFC 200 Lawsuit at WrestleMania 33

For anyone who isn’t aware, Brock Lesnar has basically adopted Canada as his new home. He bought a huge patch of land out in the Saskatchewan wilderness, built himself a huge gym to work out in, and spends his days hunting and fishing and generally just being an incredible freak of nature. He even was announced as “fighting out of Canada” when he made that surprise return at UFC 200 last summer.

Speaking of UFC 200, his opponent on that night is trying to sue him. Mark Hunt, who initially lost the fight before it was declared a no contest when Lesnar failed a post-fight drug test, is suing the UFC, Dana White, and Lesnar, claiming that by allowing Lesnar to forgo the minimum three-month drug testing period and still win the fight, Hunt’s marketability has gone down considerably.

Interestingly enough, Hunt’s lawyers haven’t actually served Lesnar with the lawsuit.


Although Lesnar has been in the United States multiple times to work for the WWE since the lawsuit was drawn up, Hunt’s legal team still haven’t managed to catch up with The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar is definitely scheduled to be in Orlando during the first weekend in April for WrestleMania 33, so anything is possible.

Hunt’s lawsuit claims that losing to a fighter who failed a drug test unfairly damages his brand, which included a line of athletic wear. He also mentions that the loss may have kept him from obtaining a title shot, which would see his base pay from the UFC jump from $850,000 per fight to $1,000,000. The lawsuit, filed in the state of Nevada, is expected to be heard on May 15.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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