Bo Dallas Was Kicked Off A Flight For Singing Disney Songs (And Also Being Drunk)

This seems like the kind of story that could only exist when talking about someone as ridiculously enthusiastic as the character Bo Dallas plays on TV, so maybe we shouldn’t be shocked, but according to reports on social media from as high an authority as Late Shift host Steven Bell, Bo Dallas was taken off a flight to WWE’s weekend tour of Mexico for being excessively intoxicated. His response, apparently, was to break into the “Circle of Life” song from Disney’s The Lion King, which we’d like to think is the strangest thing we’ll be writing about in wrestling. Well, today. Probably.

The real shame is, absolutely nobody has footage of the incident! Come on, people, we thought everyone was recording everything on their phones these days!

No word on what punishment, if any, was handed down to Dallas by WWE over the incident, but given that Bo hasn’t even been on TV since the Draft and didn’t win any matches before that, we’re not sure what they’d actually do to punish him.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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