Billy Corgan Files Lawsuit Against TNA and Dixie Carter

It’s safe to say that former Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan’s attempt to purchase TNA has hit a massive roadblock, as the musician filed a lawsuit today against TNA and its parent company Impact Wrestling LLC, Dixie Carter, TNA CFO Dean Broadhead, and Serge Salias, Carter’s husband. The details of the lawsuit are not yet known, but would almost certainly seem to be related to TNA’s financial difficulties. Corgan has publicly stated that he helped fund three sets of Impact tapings, but he would not provide money for the most recent round or Bound For Glory, with those being financed by a still-unconfirmed third party. Since then, reports have come out about tension between Dixie Carter, the majority owner of the company whose influence has become greatly reduced recently, and Corgan, the recently-named President and the person currently making all final creative decisions for the company. Corgan is currently a minority stakeholder in the company, but had repeatedly talked about his desire to purchase TNA and re-brand it, with many wrestlers employed by the company seemingly in favor of this course of action.

We will have more details as they are released.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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