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Another Doctor Has Cleared Daniel Bryan To Wrestle

With all the injuries to big stars that the WWE is going through right now, the return of Daniel Bryan couldn’t be more needed. However, he remains sidelined indefinitely after a series of head and neck injuries.

However, according to The Wrestling Observer, Bryan recently underwent a series at UCLA with a neurology specialist and was cleared to return to the ring.

“[he] a whole bunch of tests done at UCLA with their concussion specialists, and they deemed him OK.”

Bryan has repeatedly taken to social media to beg the WWE to clear him to return, but Dr. Joseph Maroon (WWE’s doctor) has not budged on the issue. There are real concerns that his previous injuries could make him very susceptible to long-term damage or even permanent paralysis, and the WWE isn’t willing to take the risk. Despite that, they seem unwilling to release him from his contract either.

Of course, in the world of professional wrestling, what’s real and what’s fake is always in a constant shade of grey. Yes, Daniel Bryan did suffer serious injuries. Could he be healthy enough to return? Maybe. Is his begging to be cleared on Twitter just part of some elaborate storyline, culminating in a surprise return at some point? Will he emerge as a unsuspected entry in Sunday’s Royal Rumble? Really, we have no idea.

But we do miss him and the entire Yes! Movement. If enough doctors claim he’s able to wrestle without unreasonable risk, then hopefully the WWE will allow him to get back in the ring.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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