9 of the Most Hideous John Daly Outfits

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John Daly is quite the colorful character and big personality on the PGA Tour. Considering that golf can be a sometimes boring sport and is often under appreciated by a lot of the population, Daly has been a great guy to have around the links throughout his career. His challenges in life with alcohol and gambling have been well documented, and so have his challenges with knowing how to dress on the golf course. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the nine worst John Daly outfits.

Of course, there may not be such a thing as the ‘worst’ John Daly outfit, because they’re all pretty awful. He exists on the Tour now mostly through sponsors exemptions and special invites, so surely he does it on purpose just to show off his loud personality in a game where silence rules. Of course, it’s also advertising. Daly owns Loud Mouth clothing, which make his outlandish outfits. Safe to say though, he’s definitely the one guy on the tour that can give us a headache just by looking at his crazy pants.

9. Dubai Desert Classic, 2012

As you’ll see throughout this countdown, his choice of pants always has a way of mesmerizing your eyes. These turquoise or blue beauties (depending on your own personal opinion) look like they came straight out of the 80s. Needless to say, Daly looks like he stepped straight out of a time machine and onto the golf course with this one. Of course, what would his pants be without a matching baby blue shirt. John’s never going to be known for his astute fashion choices, which is why we made this list in the first place, and this choice was particularly unflattering.

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8. PGA Championship, 2012

As we move along through this list, you’ll notice Daly has a thing for orange tops. He rocks it in this picture while putting on the second green during the final round of the 2012 PGA Championship at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Now let’s move on to the pants. Blue, pink, orange, green, and yellow… basically his pants look like a rainbow threw up all over him. With the shirt and pants combo in this picture, Daly’s outfit was so bright that he could have basically played the final round of the tournament in the dark by himself. The officials on the golf course would have still been able to spot him.

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7. Justin Timberlake’s Tournament

Clearly Daly wasn’t exactly hoping to hook up with Justin Timberlake’s stylist for some fashion tips when he took part in the Justin Timberlake Shriner’s Hospital for Children Open back in the fall of 2012. There he is, with his orange shirt again, hair in full flight after a big swing. The pants in this picture are just unspeakably ugly and definitely a psychedelic 1970s feel to them. All the swirly designs on it make a grown man want to pass out, and of course they match perfectly with white golf shoes. Or not. At this point in the list, if you’re not seeing a pattern in Daly’s sense of style, you’re obviously blind. No one should blame you for that though, because those pants are hideous enough to blind anybody.

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6. Singapore, 2012

2012 was obviously the year of the orange golf shirt for John Daly. Here it is again, except that this time he blinded people overseas at the Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club at the Singapore Open in 2012. The worst part about this look is that he exposed people to it in the first round of the tournament, meaning fans still had to look at him for the rest of the weekend. We really do love John Daly, but damn those pants are terrible. Red with an orange hue to go with white and blue…they kind of throw you off a bit. But you’d expect nothing less from Daly, his pants always have a way of leaving people a little shocked.

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5. Memphis, 2013

FINALLY! Daly gives all of us a break from the orange shirt for once and this time rocks just a regular light green golf shirt that is totally wearable by any golf enthusiast. The problem in this case is that he wore it with flower-patterned pants that look more like a tablecloth than a golf ensemble. Seriously though, those pants look like they belong to a clown. In this particular picture, taken at the St. Jude Classic in 2013, he’s also rocking a cigarette, which makes the clown look a little bit edgier. Kind of reminds you of Simpsons character Krusty The Klown on a day off.

(AP Photo/The Commercial Appeal, Jim Weber)

4. Hong Kong Open, 2013

There’s the orange golf shirt again. That thing doesn’t get any easier to look at as the countdown rolls along, does it? John wore this beauty at the 2013 Hong Kong Open, and you have to wonder if those pants are made in China. Because if they are, you can bet the Chinese manufacturers are trying to convince the whole world they were actually made in the U.S.A. This flower pattern with naked ladies on it doesn’t exactly say ‘clown’ the way his previous flower-power  pants did though. These digs are much more intended for a mature audience. These kind of look like what would happen if you tried to turn a Hawaiian shirt into pants.

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3. Qatar, 2014

If Pepto-Bismol had a mascot the way that Kool-Aid does, with that big silly jug with the smiley face on it, John Daly could be that mascot. Something tells us that maybe he had a deal in the works with the folks at Pepto, until of course they saw the pants he was wearing. Those pants are camouflage mixed with pink and orange, does anybody really need to explain why it’s not a good look? To make matters worse, this fashion faux pas occurred at the Commercial Bank Qatar Open. Loud and crazy fashion choices are not exactly the most welcome in ultra-conservative Qatar, particularly if you’re a woman. Unfortunately for us, Daly is not a woman, but in fact a man. A man with really bad taste in golf pants.

(AP Photo/Osama Faisal)

2. Greenbrier Classic, 2014

At the Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Daly busted out way too much pink. Surely by now we’ve come to expect that pink and orange are his favorite golf shirt colors, but the pants and the shoes just killed it on this one. At least the black pattern of swirlies somewhat goes with pink, but that’s really all we can say to justify the look. Maybe he thinks it makes his hair stand out or that it brings out the color in his eyes, but we’ll never be sure as to what Daly is thinking when he gets ready to take the course sometimes. We know his look is his trademark, but at some point the madness must stop. Judging by the outfits he’s worn just this past year, it’s safe to say the madness might never stop with Mr. Daly.

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1. British Open, 2014

This is one of Daly’s most recent fashion missteps, from the 2014 British Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Strangely enough though, Daly is not wearing pink or orange in this picture, so it’s quite the departure from what he would normally wear. That said, he still does a fantastic job with the pants on this one. It’s a red and white pattern that kind of looks like a bunch of lightning bolts running across the fabric. The pattern is weird enough to make you question what the heck you’re really looking at, and repetitive enough to give us all a seizure. The white pull over jacket is actually pretty decent, except for the fact it clashes with his hair, which is as wild as most of Daly’s fashion choices.

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