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Some days, enough crazy things happen that it makes a person wonder if there’s a full moon, or an apocalypse, or if all the chemicals getting dumped into our drinking water finally took its toll.  Such was this case for the world of professional wrestling this weekend, where not one, not two, but at least five different people did the kind of crazy things that would grab headlines. For your convenience, here they are, all gathered into a single location, so you can read them all and despair about the future of humanity with the rest of us.

5. Hulk Hogan Does Good Morning America

It would take an incredible number of ridiculous events for Hulk Hogan finally speaking out about the racist comments that got him basically excommunicated from WWE to not be the most uncomfortable wrestling-related topic of the day, but here we are. In what will surely be step one in Hogan’s attempt to eventually return to the good graces of the public, he appeared on Good Morning America and attempted to explain why he said the things that he said on a video that was taken without his knowledge. And to be fair to Hogan, he’s right, everyone has said things in private that would be damaging if it ever became public knowledge. That doesn’t excuse the content of what he said, nor does claiming that he’s simply a product of the time and place he grew up in. This is 2015, you need to be aware that even “casual” racism is a serious issue and it should never be encouraged. However, Hogan seemed appropriately apologetic for the entire situation (which you’d expect, given that for all his faults, he’s very, very good at working the PR circuit), and will probably work his way back into being acknowledged by WWE sooner rather than later.

4. Wrestler Arrested For Domestic Battery

And now, things start to go off the rails.  TNA wrestler Bram, who had also wrestled in NXT as part of the original Ascension gimmick under the name Kenneth Cameron, was arrested on Monday morning and charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment. Bram had been married to current WWE Diva Charlotte, however they were in the midst of finalizing a divorce, and Charlotte was not involved in this incident. According to the report, Bram was arguing with a woman who claims to be his girlfriend (although hopefully not anymore), and at some point this led to Bram locking her in a bedroom and forcibly restraining her by the neck. Bram has been indefinitely suspended by TNA, who wasn’t running any shows and whose TV deal is more than likely being cancelled at the end of September anyway. Source:

3. Diva Released For Posting Nazi Propaganda on Instagram

On the weekend, news began to spread that developmental talent Zahra Schreiber, who had been recently seen dating WWE World Champion Seth Rollins (the two were even caught on tape by WWE cameras while attending NXT Takeover last weekend) and who had also made her NXT debut during the most recent live event tour, had posted pro-Nazi artwork on her Instagram account in 2012. Screenshots of the since-deleted posts quickly surfaced, as well as other conversations in which she made several fairly racist statements and seemed generally unapologetic for her views. Schreiber was already involved in controversy earlier this year when a naked picture of her was posted on Seth Rollins’ official WWE Twitter account, allegedly by his then-fiancee who had discovered it on his phone.  Needless to say, Schreiber was released by WWE on Monday. Source:

2. Shooting Outside WWE Performance Center

As if this wasn’t enough, on Monday afternoon, an man later identified as Armando Montalvo was shot by police for attempting to enter the WWE Performance Center, despite being under a restraining order. Law enforcement officials confronted Montalvo, who was allegedly armed with a knife and acting in a threatening manner, and were forced to shoot him when he refused to comply with their demands and became aggressive towards them. Montalvo apparently has had a history of erratic behavior towards the WWE Performance Center, at one point allegedly smearing his own feces on their windows, as well as obsessing over at least one of the Divas training there, acts which led to the restraining order being placed. He was transferred to a local hospital, having sustained life-threatening injuries from the gunshot wound. There has been no update on his condition at this time. WWE has officially responded to the incident on Twitter, with Triple H stating that the individual had no WWE affiliation, and that they were deferring to the Orange County Sheriff’s office in the matter. Source:

1. Dean Ambrose Nearly Attacked By Fan

All of this sort of makes this final event, which took place last Tuesday during the Smackdown tapings but only came to light over the weekend, even more un-nerving. After his match, Dean Ambrose had left the ring and was walking back up the ramp, interacting with fans. From the opposite side, a lone man jumped the barricade and ran towards Ambrose, only to be tackled by security just before he could reach his target. Afterwards, eyewitness reports alleged that the man may have been carrying something resembling a knife, which, if true, moves this story out of the usual “drunken fan does something stupid” line and into something far more chilling.  At this point, WWE has not addressed the attempted attack and no charges have been filed.

All right, that’s enough of that. Nobody would blame you for being depressed after reading all those insane stories. But it’ll be okay. There’s still good in this world. Here, have this as a parting gift. It’ll make you feel better, guaranteed.

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