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Remember when Seth Rollins kept talking about that time he held two championships at the same time as if it made him the greatest wrestler on the planet? He even had them commission a bronze statue of him, for crying out loud! Never mind that he isn’t the first wrestler to do so, and in fact, some wrestlers have even held more than two at the same time. Granted, he is the first person to hold the WWE United States and World Heavyweight titles, but compared to many people on this list, he clearly hasn’t done anything special.

10. Jay Lethal

Many people may not know who Jay Lethal is. He is a very talented wrestler who spent much of his career in TNA, even partnering with current WWE Superstar Xavier Woods for a time. However, Lethal’s recent claim to fame is that he is was both the Ring of Honor World Champion and Television Champion. For those unaware, Ring of Honor probably one of the largest and longest-running independent promotions in North America, with a weekly television show and a fairly dedicated fanbase. With Seth Rollins’ accomplishments coming almost directly on the heels of Lethal’s, some wrestling fans have attempted to claim that WWE was “copying” Ring of Honor by having their own dual champion, something that even Lethal has said is fairly ridiculous. After all, he knows that there are still nine more entries on this list alone containing wrestlers who have matched or exceeded Rollins and Lethal well before either even held a single title. Source:

9. Chris Jericho

Technically, Jericho held both the WWE And World Heavyweight Championships when he won a mini-tournament at the Vengeance Pay Per View in 2001 to unify the titles into the Undisputed Championship. However, we’re not talking about purely physical belts, even though Jericho did carry them both around for several months before they were replaced by a single title. However, not even a month before that, just before the WCW/ECW Alliance died a final death at Survivor Series, Jericho and his partner The Rock briefly held the WWE Tag Team titles while Jericho was already WCW World Champion, having won that title from his tag team partner as the two went through a series of matches based on mutual respect (or lack thereof). Ultimately, that feud was responsible for Jericho’s heel turn later that year, as he would quickly lose both titles and developed serious resentment towards The Rock in the process. Source:

8. Bret Hart

With as many titles as the legendary Hitman held in WWE, it’s kind of surprising that his dual championship reign came while he was in WCW, towards the end of his illustrious career. IN 1999, Hart would win the WCW World Championship in his home country of Canada in the finals of a tournament. Weeks later, he would team up with WCW’s most destructive force, Goldberg, to win the WCW Tag Team titles as well. This was actually a historic win for Hart, as it made him a Triple Crown winner in both WWF and WCW, the only man to ever do so up to that point. Sadly, this was the last high point of Bret’s in-ring career. At the end of 1999, an errant thrust kick in a match with Goldberg gave him a concussion, and though he would briefly continue to wrestle, he soon developed post-concussion syndrome and was forced to retire from professional wrestling. Source:

7. Shawn Michaels and Diesel

The year was 1995, and WWE was heading into the third-ever In Your House Pay Per View, which were a series of shorter shows that aired in months when WWE was not running one of their “Big Five” PPVs (Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, King of the Ring, Survivor Series, SummerSlam), and were the basis for the 12 Pay Per Views per year model that WWE would more or less continue to use going forward. Diesel was the WWE Champion (on the way to becoming the lowest-drawing champion of all time, but that’s another story) and his best friend Shawn Michaels the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and they were trapped in a feud with Owen Hart and Yokozuna, who happened to be the WWE Tag Team Champions. A tag team match between all four men was obvious, and in order to create interest in the In Your House show (the previous two were not well received, mostly due to terrible Diesel-Sid matches headlining both), WWE put all three titles on the line and basically promised fans that one team would end the show holding all of them. Well, Diesel and Shawn won the match, but due to an almost comically ridiculous ploy by the heels (British Bulldog substituted for Owen Hart, claiming he was inexplicably absent, only for Hart to run out, interfere in the match, and get pinned, allowing them to claim that Diesel had pinned the wrong person), the decision was reversed the next day on Monday Night Raw. Source:

6. The Miz

Nobody likes The Miz, but until they invent the technology to go back in time and erase him from history, it will remain true that he was at one point both the United States Champion and one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions along with The Big Show, winning the tag titles from D-Generation X thanks to Shawn Michaels being distracted by his intense desire to wrestle The Undertaker a second time at WrestleMania. No, that’s really why he lost.  Miz also had a quick reign as both WWE Champion and Tag Team Champion alongside his WrestleMania opponent, John Cena (they were forced to team and won the titles, but Miz attacked Cena afterwards, and the former champions invoked their rematch clause immediately to win them back), which makes him one of the few people on this list to be a dual champion more than once. Source:

5. Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin

In the wake of WrestleMania X-7, Steve Austin had just turned heel in a massive betrayal of fans who weren’t quite ready to accept how evil he had become. So, in an effort to cement his new status, Austin, while still WWE Champion, teamed up with Triple H, the man who had, among other things, set up the master plan to have Austin run over by a car in 1999. But time heals all wounds, and Triple H quickly won the Intercontinental title, as the pair began calling themselves The “Two Man Power Trip”. They then faced off against the reunited Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker and Kane, who were the Tag Team Champions, setting up another Pay Per View match where all three titles were on the line. Austin and Triple H were victorious, without the shenanigans of the In Your House debacle, and were both double champions until Triple H lost the Intercontinental title to Kane at the Judgement Day Pay Per View, and then the team lost the Tag titles to Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit the next night on Raw, in a match where Triple H suffered a massive quadriceps injury that would sideline him for nearly an entire year. Source:

4. The Ultimate Warrior

Possibly the most remembered “Title vs. Title” match in WWE history took place in 1990, when WrestleMania VI was held at the SkyDome in Toronto, Canada. In an attempted “passing of the torch” moment, the aging WWF Champion Hulk Hogan faced off against rising star and Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior. In a match considered one of the best in both men’s careers, Warrior emerged victorious. However, due to the rules of WWE at the time, Warrior was forced to vacated the Intercontinental title almost immediately afterwards, and his reign as WWE Champion was largely considered a flop. But the match and title change itself are still considered one of the biggest moments in WrestleMania’s lengthy existence. Source:

3. Lance Storm

Near the end of WCW’s existence, they stumbled upon Lance Storm, an incredibly gifted young wrestler with the personality of a brick wall, who happened to be Canadian (and a former tag team partner of Chris Jericho, for trivia’s sake). Storm debuted in WCW as an unbelievably serious man who only cared about two things: wrestling, and the fact that he was Canadian and therefore superior to any American. Whether or not that might be true, Storm burst onto the scene like an avalanche, winning the WCW United States, Hardcore, and Cruiserweight titles in quick succession, and renaming them all to make them more Canadian (the Canadian Heavyweight Title, the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title, and the Canadian 100 kg and Under Title, respectively). Storm was a triple champion only briefly, as he awarded the Hardcore and Cruiserweight titles to his partners in his Team Canada stable shortly afterwards, but he does go into the record books as the only man in history to simultaneously hold three WCW singles titles. Source:

2. Kurt Angle

The only true Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling history and one hell of a model American, Kurt Angle took WWE by storm following his debut, opening his professional career with a massive winning streak that catapulted him into the spotlight incredibly quickly. Within four months of his official debut, Angle had won his very first title, defeating Val Venis to become the WWF European champion in February of 2000. But Angle wasn’t done there, and a mere three weeks later, he would win his second title, beating Chris Jericho at the No Way Out Pay Per View to become the self-professed “Eurocontinental Champion”. Angle’s reign as a double Champion ended rather ignominiously at WrestleMania 2000, however, as he would defend both titles in a special two-fall Triple Threat match, where the first fall was for the Intercontinental title and second fall was for the European title.  Angle lost both falls, despite not being pinned either time, and left WrestleMania without any titles at all.

Years later, in TNA, Angle would find himself in a similar situation, as he would simultaneously hold the TNA World Title, X Division Title, and Tag Team Titles, as well as the IWGP Heavyweight Title (an internationally recognized World title usually defended in Japanese wrestling organizations). Angle defended all three TNA titles in the space of a single Pay Per View, losing the X Division Title to Jay Lethal and the Tag Titles to the odd team of Ron Killings and NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones, but he did manage to successfully defend the TNA World Title in his third match of the evening. Source:

1. Ultimo Dragon

You can probably be forgiven if your only knowledge of Ultimo Dragon is the short stay he had in WWE in the mid-2000’s. But what you should know is that he was a really big deal in Japan in the 90’s, and when WCW signed him, it was a huge coup for the company. In late 1996, while in Japan (but still under contract with WCW), he won the J-Crown, which was basically eight titles from various federations (including, hilariously, the WWF Light Heavyweight title, which had been all but forgotten by WWF at that point) that had been unified into a single championship. The fun part is, while the titles were unified, the physical belts remained, and the winner of the J-Crown often carried all eight of them with him to the ring. At the time Ultimo Dragon won the J-Crown, he was also the NWA Middleweight Champion, giving him a total of nine titles. But that’s not all, because when he returned to North America, he won the WCW Cruiserweight title, for a grand total of ten championships held by a single wrestler, a record that will likely never be broken. Source:

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