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In case you didn’t know, Finn Balor unexpectedly dropped the NXT Title to Samoa Joe at an untelevised live event on Thursday night, leading to increased speculation that Balor will be making his main roster debut very shortly. For his part, Balor has openly suggested, through social media, that he could appear in WWE as early as this Monday’s Raw, but the consensus seems to be that he’ll be making an appearance by the Payback PPV at the very latest, or possibly the Raw the night after. In any event, there are lots of popular theories about what Balor could be doing once he makes it to the main roster, and we thought we’d come up with every single possibility for Balor’s debut. Some might be farfetched, some are pretty obvious, but we’re willing to bet that at least one of the following scenarios will end up coming true in the very near future.

10. Just Another Guy

This one’s a longshot, because there are so many other, better ways that so many sources have been teasing about for months now, but what if the plan is just to have Balor debut on the main roster in a manner similar to the other NXT graduates of recent weeks? Maybe he just shows up and wins an enhancement talent match against a random Social Outcast, while the announce table talks up his accomplishments in NXT and NJPW, and he’s just another fresh-faced NXT graduate trying to make it on the big stage of the WWE main roster. Maybe Balor Club is just a way to sell t-shirts and doesn’t refer to anything in particular other than a vague callback to Balor’s pre-WWE career, and he’ll just be Finn Balor, nice guy from Ireland who turns into a demon for Pay Per View matches. Speaking of which… Source:

9. The Demon

As good of a wrestler as Balor is, his character, especially the face character he’s been playing in NXT, is remarkable only for its blandness. Meanwhile, there isn’t a more interesting character than the Demon version of Finn Balor, the bodypainted enigma with the elaborate entrances that has fans salivating at the prospect of what WWE could do with Balor on the big stage at WrestleMania. Perhaps there’s a chance that WWE looks at Balor, then looks at the Demon character and decides that’s who Balor is going to be, full time. Arguably, it would instantly make him a unique character, and get around his uninspired promos, as well as allow WWE to listen to fan reactions before being forced to make the silent Demon choose an alignment (or just keep it fluid). Plus, it gives them another shot at creating a new legendary supernatural character on the level of the Undertaker and Kane, something that they might consider a desperate need in the near future. Source:

8. New Wyatt Family Member

As for the other supernatural element in day-to-day WWE, the Wyatt Family has been on a string of bad luck lately. With Luke Harper going down long-term with an undisclosed leg injury, and Bray Wyatt temporarily on the shelf, that leaves the two least experienced and least talented members of the Family to carry the wrestling load, and that’s not an exciting prospect for anyone. Adding the Demon to the mix would instantly raise the wrestling ability of the Family by a very large amount, and also help refresh the perception of the Wyatt Family as a powerful force in WWE. Plus, it would probably help Bray’s cause a great deal if he actually managed to turn a known Superstar to his cause at some point, and you also have the inevitable feud when Balor either breaks free of the group’s brainwashing, or usurps Wyatt’s power for himself. Source:

7. New League of Nations Member

Okay, now we’re just messing with you. Despite Balor’s Irish heritage, there’s no way WWE’s plans for him include sticking him into one of the least successful stables in the company’s history, especially one that doesn’t seem long for this world in the first place. We did have you worried though, didn’t we? You suddenly had a sense of impending doom when you realized that there’s always a chance, however slim, that WWE will take the dumbest possible option and decide to make the Irish guy a protege of Sheamus or something. This is the same company that thought the best way to use the incredibly charismatic Big E when he debuted was as a silent bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler. Hell, this is the same WWE that thought Steve Austin needed a mouthpiece when he started. But seriously, you can relax, it was all just a mean joke. Even we don’t believe that this has any chance of happening. Of course, that’s when they get you… Source:

6. Balor Club Leader

Finally, we hit on some options that might actually happen. Seriously, though, WWE didn’t make those Balor Club shirts for no reason, or suddenly start adding the term “Bulletproof” to them, or bring in Anderson and Gallows and refer to their past history in New Japan, if the plan wasn’t for some sort of reimagining of the Bullet Club faction. Heck, they even tried to negotiate for the trademark to Bullet Club (which was incredibly unlikely to succeed), and they never negotiate stuff like that unless there’s a plan. But which alignment will the Club, by whatever name, end up choosing? On one hand, the fans in attendance are already likely to cheer whatever they do, because it will be new and different and involve those darned “indie darlings” who aren’t Roman Reigns. Plus, another former Bullet Club member, AJ Styles, just happens to be turning into one of WWE’s top babyfaces, and he’s facing Reigns at Payback, with Anderson and Gallows already implying they’ll be there to help Styles to victory. But on the other hand… Source:

5. Balor Club Leader, Heel Version

Bullet Club, in its original form, is a group of heels who were created to defy the traditions of Japanese pro wrestling and be gigantic jerks. In addition, Balor reportedly plays a far better heel than a face, and this would be a perfect opportunity to let him cut loose. While fans might cheer initially, nothing would turn their allegiance faster than the Club betraying Styles and causing him to lose to Reigns. They don’t need to align directly with Reigns (in fact, if they were to do that, there’s no spot for Balor as leader, which would defeat the entire purpose of naming it after him), but they would still instantly assert themselves as a dominant heel force in the company, and have a ready-made feud with AJ, which would probably absolutely tear the house down for a few months. But on a third, previously undiscovered hand… Source:

4. Whose Side Is He On?

Since Bullet Club was always, in essence, an homage to the New World Order, maybe they’ll just debut and wreck everyone, Styles and Reigns both, and declare themselves an invading force that is their own, independent, side. While we have very little faith in WWE to actually pull off an angle involving a faction taking over well, due to being burned repeatedly in the past, for those of us who remember the excitement and intrigue of the original nWo angle (at least before it turned to garbage), this could be the most exciting possibility. Balor and his cronies as a small chaotic force aligned against everyone in WWE could be the hot angle WWE has been looking for if done correctly (always with that caveat), and as a side effect, could lead to some other interesting things that make us excited just thinking about them. Like, say, Roman Reigns needing a couple old friends to help him combat the invading force? Hey, he’s going to be WWE Champion whether we like it or not, they might as well bring back the thing that made him tolerable. Source:

3. Friend Of AJ Styles

Perhaps there’s another way things can go. Maybe Gallows and Anderson betray Styles on their own, either align with Reigns or don’t, but Balor makes the save for his friend, forming a tag team to face off against their former Club members. Nobody would likely complain about a month or more of Styles/Balor vs Anderson/Gallows matches on Pay Per View, and you can kick the can of Balor Club’s formation down the road a little while, which might also allow you to inject a big of “which one of them is going to turn” mystery into the Styles-Balor alliance. That said, it seems a little unlikely that WWE would suddenly take the NXT Title off Balor at a live event just to put him in a midcard tag team with Styles, given that they’ve allowed previous NXT champions to debut on the main roster before dropping their belts, suggesting that whatever is planned for Balor has to be something major that won’t allow him to return to NXT. Source:

2. A Completely New Stable

Maybe Balor Club isn’t going to be Bullet Club, after all. Perhaps Balor will create his own group of wrestlers that have no relation to the old New Japan faction and create a new legacy. WWE did just debut a whole bunch of NXT talent on the main roster, after all, which would give him a bunch of young and hungry Superstars who could be united under the banner of having come from NXT to change WWE forever, because they believe the NXT brand to be superior to the tired and lame main roster product. It would certainly play into fan sentiment about the difference between NXT and WWE, and would be a shocking surprise that could launch several new careers (for the record, we’d probably go with Apollo Crews, plus Enzo and Cass as the founding members, but that’s just us). If any stable could have enough “smart fan” credibility to overcome their disappointment with not getting a Bullet Club reunion, an NXT faction on the main roster might do it. Source:

1. Maybe He Won’t, Just Yet

We’re just going to throw this out there, even though we really don’t believe it ourselves. Every indication seems to scream that Balor will debut on the main roster sometime in the next two weeks, from fan speculation to Balor’s actions, to the fact that Balor did not appear in any NXT tapings after WrestleMania (which is almost certainly a sign of impending promotion, especially since he was the NXT Champion until this weekend). And Balor will almost certainly debut on the WWE main roster at some point, likely before the end of the year. But what if, at this point in time, WWE is just trolling us to play with our emotions? There is a very distinct, very real chance that they could be using our expectations to fuel interest in the Payback PPV, with no intention of having Balor debut until weeks, or even months afterwards? If you think about it, it wouldn’t be an entirely terrible idea, providing WWE spends the time building him up as the mysterious, shadowy leader behind Gallows and Anderson (or whatever group ends up being Balor Club) before a debut later this summer. While we wouldn’t put significant money on this option, because all signs are pointing away from it, it does bear at least thinking about. Source:

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