Woman Attends Own Funeral To Confront The Husband Who Tried To Have Her Killed

In a story that sounds like it ripped straight out of a made-for-TV movie, an African woman attended her own funeral in Australia, where she confronted her husband for hiring hitmen to kill her.

Noela Rukundo, who lived in Australia with her husband Kalala, had traveled back to her native Burundi to attend the funeral of her stepmother. While she was there, her husband called her and lured her into a trap — a man with a gun interrupted the phone call and kidnapped Noela.

After a half-hour drive, the kidnapper and Noela arrived at their destination. Noela was then tied to a chair and her kidnappers asked her, “What did you do to this man? Why has this man asked us to kill you?”

When she responded that she had no idea who the men were talking about, the kidnappers revealed the mastermind behind the whole plan.

“You husband!” they exclaimed, much to her surprise. Then they called Kalala to confirm the plans, and he chillingly said (on speakerphone!): “Kill her.”

Except they didn’t. Because apparently these particular hitmen have morals about killing women or children — they don’t do it. So they called Kalala back and demanded more money. He balked, but assumed the hitmen would follow through anyway.

Two days later, Noela was freed. Meanwhile, Kalala was telling friends and family back in Australia that his wife had died in a “tragic accident.” With the help of her pastor, Noela made it back to Australia just in time for her own funeral, where she confronted her husband.

“When I get out of the car, he saw me straight away. He put his hands on his head and said, ‘Is it my eyes? Is it a ghost?'”

“Surprise! I’m still alive!” she replied.

“I was stood just looking at him. He was scared, he didn’t believe it. Then he starts walking towards me, slowly, like he was walking on broken glass.

“He kept talking to himself and when he reached me, he touched me on the shoulder. He jumped.

“He did it again. He jumped. Then he said, ‘Noela, is it you?’… Then he start screaming, ‘I’m sorry for everything.'”


Kalala was arrested for attempting to have his wife killed and was sentenced to nine years in prison.

(Source: BBC)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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