Watch: The Slow Mo Guys – 6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon

If you’ve never heard of the Slow Mo Guys, you don’t know what you are missing. They take a stupidly expensive high speed camera and film some of the craziest things in super slow motion. Some of our favourite videos of theirs are of them firing a fun under water or igniting a huge oil fire, all in gloriously slowed down 4K resolution, sometimes at up to 27,000 frames per second.

Their latest video features a full grown man climbing into a giant water balloon and filling it until it bursts. If you’re still reading this, you should stop and watch the video right now because it’s pretty damn cool.

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson has been writing for Goliath since 2015. By day, Wade Wilson discusses comics, movies, and video games and by night... he may or may not be Deadpool.