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WATCH: Kevin Hart & Bryan Cranston Form An Unlikely Bond In “The Upside” Source: Variety

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston form an unlikely bond in the first trailer for The Upside, a remake of the 2011 French film The Intouchables  — based on the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo.

The Upside tells the story of a quadriplegic named Philip (Cranston) who is need of assistance but refuses to let anyone do so until he meets Dell (Hart), an unemployed man with a criminal record in desperate need of a job. The relationship gets off to a little rocky initially, but as Philip and Dell learn what each other are about, a powerful bond begins for form, sending the pair down an unlikely path of self-discovery.

Watch the first trailer below.

So, what are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you looking forward to seeing Hart and Cranston share the big screen for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Breaking Bad’

10. Tuco and His Uncle Were Originally Planned to Have Much Bigger Roles

Originally, the creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, had plans for Tuco and Hector to have much bigger roles in the show. For Tuco, Gilligan wanted him to be the main villain for the entirety of season two because he played the evil, criminal drug kingpin role so well. Unfortunately for Gilligan, the actor who played Tuco had prior commitments to a different show, and thus couldn’t stick around. That led to Gus having a bigger role. And for Hector, he was originally supposed to be the big villain in the series, but the great performance of Gus led the writers to pencil him in as the main villain in the show. Source:

9. The Significance of the Series Finale Episode Title

The series finale is titled “Felina.” And knowing Breaking Bad and their writers, there is without a doubt some important meaning or reasoning for why it is titled this way. There are two theories that could explain the name choice. The first theory is that the title is simply an anagram for the word “Finale,” but this lacks the creativity we expect from the Breaking Bad writers. The theory that seems more likely is obvious when you break down the word into its chemical elements. Fe – Li – Na, or Iron – Lithium – Sodium, which is essentially Blood – Meth – Tears. Now THAT seems more like something that the Breaking Bad writers could have done on purpose. Source:

8. One Scene in Particular Made Bryan Cranston Break Down for Real

Walter White was involved in many gut wrenching and heartbreaking scenes throughout the series, but one takes the cake, as it actually made actor Bryan Cranston cry for 15 minutes after filming. Of course, the scene we are talking about is where Walt watches Jane die. The reason it affected Cranston so much is because, in his words, his real daughter’s face took the place of Jane’s in that scene, which obviously hit very deep. Walt praised the acting ability of the actress playing Jane for being so realistic and vivid with her on-screen death. Source:

7. It Was Rejected By HBO

That’s right before Breaking Bad became an absolute smash hit TV show for the AMC network, it was pitched to drama kingpin HBO. It was ultimately rejected, as HBO was uninterested in it. The channel didn’t see the future potential in the show, and you can bet they get real riled every time they see it mentioned, which is a lot. Any way you slice it, they messed up. You can bet that HBO will be observing future TV pitches a little more closely so they avoid another gigantic mistake like this. Source:

6. Walter White is Real

While nobody has yet gone to the level of Bryan Cranston’s character in the show, a couple of struggling educators have actually been arrested and caught for doing things similar to Walt, such as manufacturing meth and selling it to students. In fact, a Boston teacher named Stephen Doran with cancer was caught dealing meth, which is eerily similar to Walt’s situation. But perhaps the most striking case of life imitating art occurred before Breaking Bad was even on television. In 2008, an Alabama man earned a place on the state’s Most Wanted list thanks to his thriving meth business. He was neither a teacher nor a cancer sufferer but, you guessed it, his name was Walter White. Source:

5. Cranston and Paul Got Tattoos

Now, Bryan Cranston doesn’t really strike us as the type of guy to go out of nowhere and get a tattoo, but that is just what happened the night after the final scene of Breaking Bad was shot. After a drunken night at a local bar with the crew, Cranston decided to get a small tattoo of the Breaking Bad logo on his finger, much to his wife’s disgust. It makes sense though, as this was without a doubt Cranston’s biggest and best performance of his career. The tattoo that Aaron Paul got was a fitting one as well as it says “no half measures,” which is a reference to the classic episode from season three. Source:

4. Jesse Was Nearly Killed Off in the First Season

In a podcast interview, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan shed some light on some original ideas for the show that never got okayed. That list contained a pitch that included Jesse Pinkman being killed off in season one. Of course, the execs hated it so it never made it into the script. The basic outline of that scenario was that Jesse would be killed by a drug lord, which would lead Walt to be furious and kidnap and torture the kingpin in his basement. Though the idea sounds interesting, we are extremely glad that they decided to have Jesse survive until the end, as he became one of the most important characters in the show. Source:

3. Props From the Show Sold for a Hefty Sum

After completion of the show, Breaking Bad had an auction to sell some of the famous props from the show to fans all over the world and it was a massive success. In total, the auction raised grand total of almost a million dollars, which proves that people LOVED this show and would pay top dollar to get their hands on some authentic memorabilia from their favorite scenes. Some of the items sold were: Walt’s underwear from the Pilot episode (which sold for $9,900), Hector’s bell (which sold for $19,750) and Gale’s signed Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass copy, which went for a whopping $65,500! Source:

2. Literally Anyone Could Have Been Killed Off

One thing that was particularity great about this show was that you never had any idea what was going to happen, or who it was going to happen to. Vince Gilligan has never shied away from the fact that the show’s specifics were always changing, and things weren’t always set in stone until right before the shoot. This freedom technique helped a lot during filming as the show was a huge success, but means that there were also a lot of ideas that never got fully explored. In fact, Gilligan said that no one was completely safe in the writers’ room, not even baby Holly. Source:

1. Only Two Main Characters in the Entire Show Never Met

For most of Breaking Bad there was a large distance between Walt’s criminal life and his family life. In fact, the two never really come totally face to face until the fifth season, and by then the viewer had a ton of knowledge on both sides of Walt’s double life. The scene in the living room in “Ozymandias” is the collision of both sides of his life. However, despite his double life eventually being discovered, his partner Jesse and his son, Walt Jr., never actually meet, and they are the only two main characters in the show to never meet one another. It’s crazy to think that two characters knew and loved for so many seasons never even shared the screen together. Source:

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