Reddit User is Real Life Milton From ‘Office Space’

Remember Milton from Office Space? The guy who was laid off years earlier, but when an accounting snafu kept delivering him paychecks, and his bosses neglected to actually tell him he was unemployed, he just continued to come into work everyday and do absolutely nothing, except protect his stapler.

Turns out this wasn’t just a brilliant bit of script writing, as Reddit user SirDackADoo recently had the exact same thing happen to him in real life!

As he tells it, his department was eliminated and everyone in it was either fired or reassigned to other projects. Except him for some reason. He has no assigned tasks, so he comes into work everyday and kills the time by playing games (silently) or browsing Reddit (of course).

From his original post, over a month ago:

…my boss was fired last month and the department was shutdown (my company leases office buildings and my boss wanted to start leasing industrial properties as well and failed) so all the coworkers in my department were either let go or reassigned. The problem is that when HR was going through this process and interviewing my coworkers, I was never called to meet with them (probably due to the way I was hired).

While my department was being dismantled I kept coming into the office and going to my original desk. The peculiar thing is that when new employees were being moved into my department’s area of the building no one was assigned to the executive’s office so therefore no one was assigned to the executive assistant desk. The new employees that moved in were mostly overflow from different departments so no one really works together or has the same manager. It’s been a month and no one has really questioned what I do or what department I’m a part of (I can easily deflect any work related small talk), and I’m still getting paid.

Since then, he has given numerous updates. He soon realized that killing an entire work day worth of time is kind of hard, so he started working under the table for his aunt’s business, answering customer emails. He has also started looking for another job, since he figured he will eventually get fired.

He even ninja’d his way out of having his ploy revealed at a mandatory team building/company picnic event where employees would be divided by their department (remember, he technically doesn’t have one anymore). He showed up early, signed the attendance sheet, and booked it out of there before he ended up standing all alone in front of his co-workers. Brilliant!

He has a third interview with an insurance company soon, so hopefully he can end this before he gets in any serious trouble. One thing’s for sure — this totally isn’t a made-up story that never actually happened.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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