NBC is Trying to Kill The Fake News Site That Keeps Reporting Another Season of ‘Breaking Bad’

Did you get your hopes up when you saw the headline from NBC.com about another season of Breaking Bad. Or were you briefly fooled by the news that Yelp was suing the creators of South Park over a recent episode? You’re not alone. Those stories were so believable that they managed to get into Google News, legitimatizing them and sending them viral.

Unfortunately, you may have missed the fact that the actual website that reported those things is NBC.com.co. They are using an extra piece in their web address, the .co is a county code for Colombia. They aren’t affiliated in anyway with the actual NBC company. Now the real NBC.com wants to shut them down, but the site’s owner says he doesn’t plan to budge on their demands, according to Variety.

Paul Horner, the individual who claims responsibility for the website, confirmed in an email to Variety that NBCU sent a legal takedown notice — but he argued that his site is legally protected because it’s a parody and because he doesn’t use any NBC logos.

It could be argued that the fake news site is less of a “parody” site and more of a “clickbait farm,” but that will be up to a judge to decide if NBC decides to dig their heels in and sue Horner. In the meantime, maybe people shouldn’t just believe everything they read on the internet. No, Obama did NOT endorse Donald Trump for president.

Unless they are reading it here, on Goliath. We’re totally trustworthy!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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