Harrison Ford Trashes Donald Trump For Mentioning He Liked ‘Air Force One’

Harrison Ford, forever the coolest person on the planet.

During his recent media tour to promote the new Star Wars movie, Ford appeared on Studio 10 with Angela Bishop in Australia. When Bishop mentioned a recent New York Times interview with Donald Trump, in which the U.S. presidential candidate said he was a big fan of the way Ford “stood up for America” in the movie Air Force One, the man who plays Han Solo gave the perfect reply:

“It’s a movie, Donald, it was a movie. It’s not like this in real life, but… how would you know?”

For those that don’t remember Air Force One, Ford played an ass-kicking president of the USA who dealt with a team of terrorists who tried to hijack the famous presidential plane.

With Trump’s recent outlandish comments and thinly veiled racism, it does seem safe to claim that he doesn’t live in a place that the rest of like to call “reality.” Maybe Harrison Ford should run for president. We’d vote for him.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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