WATCH: Best. Groomsman. Ever.

An extensive, to the second breakdown of the greatest wedding fail ever

Before I start, I must warn you. This video is beyond funny. You will watch it. You will laugh. Then you will watch it again.

Now that you’ve gotten to this point of the article, I’m assuming you’ve watched the above clip about 27 times.

This video, in its 30-second entirety, represents a series of events that led to the greatest wedding fail of all time. It’s time to break this thing down and find out how this could possibly have happened.

0:04 – 0:07: This guy’s weak attempt at C-Walk is a very good early indicator that he thinks he’s way more of a boss than he actually is.
0:10 – 0:14: Turns out we know who this guy is. His name’s Magic Mike. At this point, I was like 85% sure these two were gonna get it on huge later on in the night.
0:16: Why did he suddenly just leave the picture? This seems rather strange considering the chick is doing what can only be described as workman-like twerk at the top of the dance floor.
0:18: Not a bad backflip. At this very second, he appears to be a somewhat competent dude who is just incredibly turnt.
0:19: He’s pretty close to hitting this chick and he’s coming at her with an alarming pace. Her back is turned, which most certainly adds to the foreshadowing.
0:20: First point of contact since the aforementioned Magic Mike sequence. At this point, him C-Walking and stripping will forever remain afterthoughts in the grand scheme of things. This chick got smoked.
0:21: If the video ended with him going all Jackie Chan on this chick, it’s bad but I would say it’s about a 9/10. However, this is where she falls directly into this poorly placed flower decoration. To compound the issue, the flowers fall off the pedestal and land essentially right on top of her. This chick can’t catch a break.
0:22: The dude who yells out “OHHHH” represents the exact reaction of every person who watches this video.
0:24-25: He picks her up. This was actually a somewhat classy move, which will be completely overshadowed in literally one second. Also, we get a person from the audience running toward the scene of the crime wearing what can only be described as a snazzy colored dress shirt.
0:26: *Cue overshadowing* I have no idea how this guy could’ve possibly dropped her after what just happened. I’d have an absolute vice grip on that chick. He may have been trying to pawn her off onto the snazzy dress shirt guy, but given the prior 26 seconds, this whole sequence seemed rather par for the course.
0:29: There is a guy with a camera. That man has photos of this incident and he has them from a fresh point of view. This man will be a millionaire by week’s end.

For what it’s worth, this dude does do a very technically sound backflip and I can certainly see why he would want to show that off. I hope the rest of the wedding night wasn’t totally ruined for the newlywed couple, but at least they can say unequivocally it was the most memorable night of their lives.


Jamil A. Karim