11 Proven Ways To Make Mondays Suck Less

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There is no doubt that the worst part of the week is hearing your alarm go off on Monday morning. No matter how much sleep you have had, we all struggle to drag ourselves out of bed and kick-start the week. You can sense the gloom from the moment you step out the door, and time seems to stand still once you reach the office. The simple mention of the M-word over the weekend is enough to send shivers down the spines of many, but fortunately we have figured out a few ways to make Monday suck a lot less.

11. Dress to Impress

You can start the week strongly and with confidence by putting some extra effort into your appearance. Monday is notoriously a day where people drag themselves out of bed, have a quick shower and throw on whatever work appropriate clothing they see first. Instead of this, wear your best clothes (or even better, wear some new clothes you’ve treated yourself to) on Monday and take a bit of extra time to improve your appearance. Also, making an effort to smile more can improve your mood and the moods of those around you. Combining these two will boost your confidence and positively impact the way people interact with you. By looking good, you will feel good, and it will impress your boss that you look like you mean business from the very beginning of the week.

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10. Improve Your Workspace

This is one which can be done at anytime and will improve your mood not just on Monday, but all week. It certainly does you no favors to come in to work to find your work area covered in clutter and mess, so it is worthwhile to take the time to de-clutter your space. You can then set it up how you like and personalize it to improve your mood. You should have a designated area for paperwork, a cup to keep your pens and other writing tools in, and a coaster to put your drink on. You can then add photographs, motivational quotes and anything else that will help to put a smile on your face each time you come into work. Mondays can also be improved by bringing in new stationary or a new photo to make your workspace a little brighter.

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9. Ease Into Your Work

Although it isn’t recommended to spend your entire morning on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and of course Goliath, it is best to ease into your workload, if possible. It is unreasonable to expect to come into work on a Monday and be as focused and motivated as you would on a Thursday afternoon, for example, so try not to have anything too stressful scheduled for a Monday morning. This is often out of your hands, but where possible it is best to arrange meetings, presentations, etc. for later in the week. It is also a good idea to take a morning break, which gives you the chance to get away from your desk and walk around the office (allowing you to try a few of the other entries on this list).

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8. Treat Yourself to a Nice Lunch

You need small things to look forward to on a Monday to get you through the day, and lunch is the perfect motivation. Once you have reached the half way point of the day (and you are over the worst of it), treating yourself to a nice lunch can help to improve your mood dramatically. Taking a walk to get your lunch can also contribute to a happier mood through getting some fresh air and exercise, but if your options are limited then you can prepare something at home (either on Sunday night or Monday morning) to enjoy. Healthy food is recommended, but you may find treating yourself to a chocolate bar or something similar is what you need to keep you going.

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7. Exercise

It may be the last thing on your mind once your alarm clock jolts you awake, but any kind of exercise can do wonders on a Monday. It can help to boost your endorphin levels, help you to concentrate, start your week off with a bang and boost your confidence. It is also pretty good for you. If you do not have time to hit the gym or go for a run before work, there are all kinds of 5-10 minute workouts you can find online, or you could walk/cycle to work if it is close enough. If the idea of exercising first thing is simply too much (we understand), then exercising at lunch or even after work can still improve your mood and help you to feel like you have accomplished something and started the week strongly. This is also a great opportunity to listen to some music too…

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6. Listen to Uplifting Music

Improving your mood can be difficult to do, particularly on Monday morning, but, fortunately, music has the terrific ability to do this. You can greatly improve your mood on Monday morning by listening to uplifting music as soon as you get up, on your way to work or whilst at your desk (if this is allowed). In addition to improving your mood, this can also pump you up and help to boost your productivity levels. What this music is will depend on your own personal taste, but it can also be an opportunity to catch up on some of the latest releases, and by dedicating time to listen to music you could discover a new favorite band. You may want to avoid listening to the same album every Monday, as soon you will associate this music with the day and end up thinking about work whenever you hear it.

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5. Take Time to Catch Up With Your Co-workers

You may not feel like socializing much on Monday morning, but catching up with your co-workers can not only boost your mood, but the mood of the entire office. Everyone struggles on Monday mornings, but you can help to break this funk by striking up conversation and seeing what everyone got up to over the weekend. This will help you to smile, laugh and see that you are all in the same boat. It may even see you make some fun plans for lunch or after work (more on this to come), or at the very least improve your mood and get you back into the flow of being in the office. This may also see you make new friends and give you a reason to look forward to coming into work more. If your office is not particularly social, you could bring in treats for everyone to spark conversation.

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4. Get Organized on Friday, but Unplug Until Sunday Evening

Whilst Monday morning will be the last thing on your mind on Friday afternoon, as your focus will be on your exciting plans for the evening, getting yourself organized will make Monday much more manageable. Tackle as many tasks as you can whilst you are in a good mood, as this will help to reduce your workload and stress for Monday. Otherwise, these tasks will linger in the back of your mind over the weekend. For anything that will have to wait until Monday, make a checklist and leave it on your desk as a reminder after the weekend. Then, once you are done with work for the week, it is essential that you unplug. This means not checking your emails or thinking about work over the weekend, as this will allow you to completely unwind and recharge your batteries. This leads onto our next tip…

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3. Plan Ahead on Sunday Evening and Get an Early Night’s Sleep

After unplugging for most of the weekend, it is worth preparing yourself for a week of work on Sunday night. You may want to soak up every minute of not being in the office, but by just spending a few minutes mentally shifting gear it will help to take the edge off once your alarm goes off. This preparation should involve envisioning yourself going into work, reminding yourself of a few tasks that need doing, choosing what you are going to wear and possibly making your lunch so that you have less to do in the morning. There is a good chance that your sleep pattern will be slightly disturbed after a couple of days of not having to get up early, but it is important to try and get an early night’s sleep on Sunday so that you are well rested for the week ahead.

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2. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Many people will be in such a rush on Monday morning that they grab whatever they can as they head out the door, or, even worse, skip breakfast entirely. This is a rookie mistake, and these will be the most miserable people in the office for the entire day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, particularly on a Monday. A healthy and hearty breakfast can provide you with the energy that most sorely lack at this time in the week, and it will give you the nutrients you need to concentrate and keep you going until lunch time. Cereal, porridge and fresh fruit can do wonders, and these should be combined with fruit juice and water as you will be dehydrated from sleep, which will contribute to the groggy feeling. Of course coffee is also a must at this stage of the day.

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1. Have Something Fun Planned for After Work

“Monday” and “fun” aren’t words that are often paired together, which is perhaps why it is such a gloomy and dreaded day. By having a fun evening planned after work, it will give you something to look forward to and greatly improve your mood for the day. So many people simply see Monday as a day of waking up feeling groggy, grinding out a day of work before going home and doing nothing in the evening. A few ways to change this include organizing after work drinks, going to the cinema, playing a sport, going out for dinner, or simply having some comfort food and binge watching your favorite show with your partner or friends. In addition to planning an event, you can also improve Mondays by treating yourself. This could include doing some online shopping, booking tickets to a gig, or planning a weekend away.

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