10 Of The Boldest Lies Made By Politicians

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Politician. There may not be a dirtier word in the English dictionary. Politicizing can be used for progress, positive change and fighting to conserve a quality status quo (like the United States Constitution). Sadly, the vast majority of politicians are career minded, agenda focused and looking to wield power like a child on their birthday. It’s mere speculation, but it’s likely a 90/10 ratio of money and power politicians versus desirous public servants politicians. And boy-o, can politicians tell some lies–some real whoppers. Here are 10 of the boldest in recent history.

10. Hillary and Her Red Rooster

We held tight on this list for a hot minute, hoping for something really good from the remaining 2016 POTUS contestants, and we are so glad we did. Hillary Clinton is surprisingly honest when it comes to her policy, but when it comes to letting kitty cats out of the bag, she’s as tight lipped as a Muppet. Earlier this week, Hill sat down with the crew of The Breakfast Club, and hoped to address a large black audience. Unfortunately, for Hillary, she was a little too prepped for the interview, and when asked, “…the one thing she always has to take with her,” she quickly answered, “Hot sauce.” The reaction of her interviewing trio was priceless, and they immediately called her out for pandering to black people. She rolled with it. Was she telling the truth? She’d have pulled out the bottle if it were true, right?


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9. We’ll Build a Wall

Jumping across the political aisle, we’ll address The Donald, and all of the wonderful campaign promises he has made to a legion of followers. At least the guy was honest when he stated he loves uneducated people. He’s best at leading that faction to believe that he would have the power to build an immense wall between Mexico and The USofA, and that Mexico would pay for it. Call it an empty campaign promise, or an incredibly bold lie, it is one in the same. For anyone who seriously wants to argue the merit of this statement, it might help to understand how the presidency works. Believe it or not, you can’t just do what you want when you’re the president. You’re basically relegated to the executive power of signing a bill into law, and a few executive liberties to offer orders.

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8. If you Like Your Plan…

President Barack Obama’s eyes were bigger than his stomach when he took on the Affordable Healthcare Act. Sure, the plan has its fans — people who didn’t have insurance, and who have enjoyed some medical care in the past two years thanks to more affordable price points. However, there is a large percentage of American citizens who really liked their health insurance plan, and they were under the impression that they would be able to keep it, because President Obama said, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” Now, here’s the deal. When the President misunderstands the legislation that he signs into law, and makes a grand statement that turns out to be completely false, why should the American people suffer the consequences? As imagined, President Obama’s approval rating dipped significantly after “Obamacare” was approved by the Senate and signed into law.

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7. The Attack in The Gulf of Tonkin

Hindsight being 20/20, there was literally nothing that was good about the Lyndon Baines Johnson presidency. In fairness to the former president, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a monumental occasion, yet there are many conspiracy theorists who would argue that LBJ had John F. Kennedy killed in order to seize control of the social momentum, and associate his name with the historical legislation. Just speculation, of course. One thing we now know as truth: the United States went to war in Vietnam over a false flag event. Long story short, an alleged engagement of North Vietnamese submarines and a United States Naval destroyer (USS Maddox), never actually happened. It is likely some engagement occurred, but a “second incident” led Congress to draft the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, allowing LBJ to assist any Asian nation dealing with “Communist aggression.” He wasted no time putting boots in the jungle.

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6. Read My Lips: No New…

This one hit hard, led people down a path of trust, betrayal, and eventually a Bill Clinton presidency for eight years. President George H.W. Bush campaigned with a bold proclamation. He wanted to be quoted, and he wanted to create a few waves in the news media, so he opened wide, and bellowed, “Read my lips: no new taxes.” Best case scenario, a president doesn’t levy new taxes, or instead, they can offer tax cuts and tax breaks to those who could use a little more to make ends meet. However, running on a promise that you won’t raise taxes, and then raising taxes within the first four years of your presidency? If you’re gonna do that, you might as well waive your annual salary, so people get the idea you’re genuinely on their side. Bill Clinton used it against him in a devastating campaign attack.

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5. I Am Not a Crook

One of the biggest “oops” in recent American history occurred in the early 1970s with the presidency of Richard Nixon. The man who became known as Tricky Dick seemed like a nice enough guy, and he ran on a campaign of honesty, and integrity, attracting many young people to the Republican Party. As everyone is well aware, Nixon was aware of some lackeys sent into the Watergate Hotel and office spaces, which housed the HQ for the Democratic National Committee. Nixon wasn’t the only individual involved in a vast conspiracy to steal information, and cash, from the DNC, but denying knowledge of the conspiracy opened the door to the end of his presidency. (This was far more complex—another post for another time) After the allegations were levied, President Nixon took to the airwaves to proclaim, “…well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got.”

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4. I Did Not Have Sexual Relations…

Past presidents didn’t get much more entertaining than Bill Clinton. From his saxophone playing to his ability to talk his way into any living room, the American public couldn’t deny Slick Willy’s charisma. White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, couldn’t deny President Clinton’s… slick… umm… advances behind close doors. And for the love of poor Monica: people who have been shaming her for 20 years, stop. She was a young woman. It’s hard to imagine many women in their early to mid 20s denying the advances of the most powerful man in the world. That said, President Bill Clinton lied when confronted, and stated, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…Miss Lewinsky…” He was fortunate not to be impeached. Ultimately, it didn’t effect anything more than his ego and reputation.

3. Saddam Hussein: The Direct, Imminent Threat

We were hot in the early 21st century. The events of 9/11 did a number on the USA, and the world. Seeking some sort of justice, and retribution, President George W. Bush fixed his eyes on the evils of Iraq, and dictatorial leader, Saddam Hussein. When the president took to the cameras and airwaves, he offered the following, “Trusting in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein is not a strategy, and it is not an option.” He went on to suggest that Iraq was a direct and imminent threat to The United States of America, and that they simply must have been hiding weapons of mass destruction, due to their lack of cooperation with United Nations inspectors. George W. Bush destroyed his credibility, and his legacy with this little fib. He was so wrong, we’re still feeling the effects of his gut reaction.

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2. The Two Lives of John Edwards

In 2004, in a bid to take down the Bush/Cheney regime, Senator John Edwards joined forces with presidential hopeful, John Kerry. Together, the two Johns hopped around the United States chanting, “Help is on the way…” Yet another terrible rallying cry that was devoid of quality foresight. The battling Johns lost the election, based on unfamiliarity, and the fact that George W. Bush guided The United States of America through the throes of 9/11, and it’s extended aftermath. A few years later, stories about John Edwards began to trickle out of Washington, D.C., claiming that Edwards was a fraud, and living a lie. That his “raised blue collar” image was nothing more than a front–that he was cheating on his wife, who was suffering from cancer. John denied the allegations. They were all true, and John boy ghosted.

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1. He Is To Blame for The War

The greatest political lie of recent years, and possibly one of the Top 5 Lies of All-Time: “He Is to Blame for The War.” The Nazi propaganda slogan that led to the mass execution of millions of Jews, and anyone else the Third Reich deemed as expendable, or unworthy. The Nazi Party was led by the crazed madman, Adolf Hitler. A man who spewed lies that were fueled by so much charisma, people didn’t realize it was nothing more than lies. There is a fine line between passion and anger, and the two are easily confused–often melded together in order to progress an agenda. Hitler told the German people more lies than they could handle, and at a certain point, it just became easier to believe what they were told. That’s the problem with not doing what’s right, because it’s more efficient to accept a status quo.

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