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As children, a large number of people in the western world played with Lego bricks. Lego represented creativity and taught children the ability to create and piece together beautiful and extravagant structures, piece by piece. However, children are not the only ones to experiment and create greatness with Lego. Throughout the years, there have been some absolutely breathtaking creations made out of Lego that took many people, and many hours, to create. Read on and enjoy looking at some of the coolest things ever made out of Lego!

10. Lego V8 Engine

Coming in at number 10 on the list is this unbelievable working model of a V8 engine built from Lego. This thing has to have car lovers salivating. The engine does not actually produce power, rather it is powered by a single electric motor which turns the engine. Also, a 9V train speed regulator serves as a throttle control to adjust the speed of the model. The design was created by Barman, and there exist many online tutorials and photographic instructions on how to build your own! It is incredible that something with so much detail and precision could be built using a children’s toy. Source:

9. President Obama’s Inauguration in Lego Form

This has to be one of the most elaborate and time consuming pieces on this list. Lego master craftsmen at Legoland, California, worked tirelessly in early 2009 to complete this gigantic model of The White House, and the scene of President Barack Obama’s official presidential inauguration. Many people traveled from far and wide to catch a glimpse of this “pre-enactment” before the official inauguration took place. The detail on the piece is absolutely incredible. It includes more than 1,000 miniature figures including replicas of many important people such as Oprah Winfrey, Aretha Franklin, Obama’s daughters and the president himself, along with First Lady Michelle Obama. The model also consists of limos, security, police and much much more! Source:

8. Lego Mona Lisa

This is without a doubt one of the more difficult pieces on this list to create. This spot on the list belongs to a giant replica of the world famous Mona Lisa painting. And what makes it even more impressive, is the fact that it was created and put together by only one man, and that man is seasoned Lego builder/creator Eric Harshbarger. The piece measures about six feet wide by eight feet tall and required over 30,000 Lego pieces in total! Harshbarger has also said that the gigantic and super detailed replica of the Mona Lisa only uses the six basic Lego colors of black, blue, green, red, white and yellow. It weighs about 45 pounds and was created for a client to hang on their wall. Source:

7. Downtown Detroit in Lego

Now this is just insane. This amazing replica skyline of Detroit, Michigan, was created over a number of years by one Detroit-area resident, Jim Garrett. Garrett, who hails from Redford, has built 22 large-scale buildings including many replicas of downtown Detroit over the last 10 years. These building replicas have ranged from smaller two-story buildings to his 11-foot-tall replica of the Penobscot Building. Most of his buildings of downtown Detroit were on display for a while at the Henry Ford Museum, which is a testament to how well done and detailed these creations were. As a child Garrett played with Lego, but then forgot about them as a teen. He reconnected with his childhood passion as an adult when he was inspired by the cinematic castles in the Lord of the Rings movie. Source:

6. Lego Polar Bear

Now this is one of the more realistic creations on this list as, from afar, it really does look like a legitimate and breathing polar bear. This beautiful sculpture is the creation of talented Lego artist Sean Kenney and is his largest and most visually complex piece to date. The piece contains nearly 100,000 pieces of Lego and took over 1,100 hours for Sean and five of his assistants to create. The artists even spent an entire two day period just sculpting the face of the bear. The polar bear sculpture was on display at the Philadelphia Zoo for a brief period and likely surprised some guests. Source:

5. Lego Aircraft Carrier

This is one of the most visually appealing and detailed creations on this list, without a doubt. It’s also the largest Lego ship ever built. This 23-foot-long beast of a Lego creation is a replica of the famous USS Intrepid. It was created by Ed Diment and is a 1/40 reproduction of the USS Intrepid exactly as it was in 1945. The creation also features replica planes built by Ralph Savelsberg, just to add to the realism. The amount of manpower and hours that went in to this sculpture must have been staggering, but we are glad they put in the work so we could see such a brilliant piece of art. Source:

4. Lego Volvo

This one could have easily have come in at number one on this list; it is incredible. This creation is a full-scale Lego replica of a 2004 Volvo XC90 SUV. It weighs in at a whopping 2,934 pounds, which is almost as much as the actual weight of the real car it is modeled after. The car was created by the master Lego sculptors at Legoland, California. This monster was built using more than 200,000 Lego pieces. One fun fact about this sculpture is that it was actually used in a prank on a general manager at Legoland, who had a real version of the car. His real car was taken away and replaced by the Lego version, which obviously left him very surprised. Source:

3. Lego Tower in Milan

There have been some huge and sky-high Lego towers built for years in many different countries all over the world. There is a seemingly never-ending fight to have the tallest tower, and a new winner was just crowned in late June of 2015. Thousands of children in Milan, Italy, put together an absolutely gigantic piece that features over half a million blocks of Lego. The tower stands at an astonishing 115 feet, which beats the previous record by only one foot. Tens of thousands of builders and onlookers alike were on hand to watch this unreal tower being built, including the Guinness Book of World Records, who officially listed it as the tallest Lego tower in existence. Source:

2. Full Size Lego House

Coming in at number two is without a doubt the overall largest, and likely the most time consuming creation on this list. That’s right, it’s a full size house made entirely out of Lego. It was created in England at Denbies Wine Estate. Top Gear presenter James May and around 1,000 other volunteers and helpers sculpted the 20 foot building that features well over three million Lego blocks! The house features actual working taps, windows and other quirky little additions like slippers made of Lego and a cat that is, you guessed it, also made entirely out of Lego. Source:

1. Lego Space Shuttle

Coming in at number one with ease is this absolutely breathtaking and realistic looking space shuttle made entirely out of Lego. What is extra astonishing is that this entire thing was built by only two men from Japan. This duo put over 1,000 hours of building into this masterpiece, and it shows. Even from a close-up picture it is hard to distinguish this piece of art from the real thing. The details are amazing, as it also comes with flashing booster lights and vocal countdown. This thing does everything except for takeoff! Built with around 65,000 bricks, this is one of the most detailed and creative things ever created out of Lego. Source:


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