10 Horrific Daredevil Accidents

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When you make the decision in life to become a daredevil, you obviously run the risk of exposing yourself to more damage than almost anyone else on the planet. Some of the stunts carry a risk of broken bones and other such injuries, while some stunts actually have a very good chance of killing you. To be a daredevil in life, you have to learn to accept these risks and accept that each stunt could be your last due to a horrific accident.

Here are 10 daredevils that were victims of some of the most horrific and terrible accidents of all time.

10. Kyle Lee Stocking

We start off the list with Kyle Lee Stocking, a 22-year-old man form Utah. Like many others before him looking to recreate stunts, Stocking saw some videos on YouTube about people swinging under the giant 140 foot tall Corona Arch located just near Moab, Utah. He decided to partake, but that was not a bright idea in retrospect. While the stunt looked to be going as planned, it was soon apparent that something was terribly wrong as the rope was too long and thus didn’t allow for Stocking to swing, and instead, he fell to his death. It turned out that him and his friends made a miscalculation when measuring how much rope to use, a mistake that cost a human life.

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9. Guido Gehrmann

This man was one of the premier daredevils in the world and wowed crowds wherever he went, and has been doing so for years. Gehrmann was not only a Microjet pilot with Red Bull’s team, the “Flying Bulls,” but he was also a former world hang-gliding champion and commercial pilot. Unfortunately, it was his love of flying and his daring antics that ultimately led to his demise when he died in a plane crash accident. Gehrmann was flying home following a motor sport event, but complications occurred that caused him to attempt an emergency landing. Unfortunately, the landing was unsuccessful as Gehrmann crashed into a hillside near a recreational building.

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8. Sailendra Nath Roy

This is likely the strangest and craziest stunt and accident on this list. Saliendra Nath Roy was an Indian man that had an extremely weird talent. Roy has his named etched in the Guinness Book of World Records for the farthest distance travelled on a zip line using his hair. He has some of the strongest hair in the world, as he had previusly pulled a train with his ponytailed hair. Roy sadly died during an attempt to break his own world record for the longest distance travelled on a zip line in 2013. It occurred when his hair became stuck in the wheeler of the rope half way through the stunt and was left hanging for 25 minutes and ultimately died due to heart failure.

http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/panorama/Toedlicher-Stunt-ueber-Schlucht-Hunderte-werden-Augenzeugen-id25028241.html Source: Augsburger-allgemeine.de

7. Caleb Moore

Caleb Moore was an extremely talented snowmobile and ATV racer who was a medal winning X Games participant. He began his career in ATV racing an then moved to snowmobile racing a couple of years ago. His horrific accident occurred late in his run at the 2013 X Games, where he attempted a backflip. Unfortunately, he didn’t get far enough around and thus fell off the snowmobile, which then proceeded to fall on top of him. He was taken to hospital and had surgery performed, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries and died. His death was also the first in the history of the winter X Games.

http://xgames.espn.go.com/xgames/article/8901786/caleb-moore-boldly-kept-pushing-limits-freestyle-snowmobiling-atv-quads Source: Xgames.espn.go.com

6. Orvar Arnarson and Andrimar Pordarson

This is an extremely sad story of two daredevils meeting their end doing what they love most. Arnason, 40, and Pordarson, 25, were both skydivers, with the former being an instructor with a ton of experience and the latter being relatively new, but still knew what he was doing. The accident occurred when both men failed to activate their main chutes in time due to a loss of altitude awareness. When their backup chutes didn’t open in time, there was nothing the two men could do to stop their impending crash. After reviewing the helmet-cam footage of the men, it was revealed that Pordarson was unable to pull his own release cord, which led Arnason to try and help out his younger friend do so, which led both men to eventually perish when they couldn’t get it open.

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5. Dean Potter

Dean Potter was revered as an extremely talented and daring man. He was a free climber, BASE jumper, highliner and more. He was noted also for his crazy ascents at Yosemite National Park and Patagonia. He also held many “first ascents,” which is being known as the first person to make a particular ascent. Potter’s accident took place in May of 2015 when he and a friend, Graham Hunt, were attempting an illegal wingsuit flight above Yosemite Valley. Despite completing the flight before, a large amount of precision was still needed. When they didn’t get everything perfect, both men crashed and both died on impact. This was also the fifth BASE jump related death in the USA since January of 2014.

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4. Audrey Mestre

Mestre was a French, multiple time world record-setting free diver. Free diving is the form of underwater diving that relies solely on divers’ ability to hold their breath until resurfacing, rather than the use of scuba gear or other similar gear. After several supervised practice dives at extreme depths of around 545 feet, she then attempted one that was over 560 feet, which would sadly be her last. At the bottom, a problem arose with the lift balloon as she attempted her ascent. This caused her dive that should have been about three minutes, to last about eight and a half minutes before she was brought to the surface by her husband. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

http://nbclatino.com/2013/09/25/after-wifes-death-record-setting-free-diver-pipin-ferreras-announces-comeback/ Source: Nbclatino.com

3. Richard Guzman

In the early 1970s, talented tightrope walker Guzman was one of those fortunate enough to perform with the world famous Flying Wallendas. Unfortunately, the danger would eventually catch up to him as he died while performing in front of 6,000 people. Though unlike most tightrope accidents, he didn’t slip and fall to his death, instead, near the end of his walk, he accidently steadied himself on some live cables and electrocuted himself which led him to plummet to his death. This wasn’t his first accident either, as Guzman had fallen from the high wire 12 years earlier and spent nine months in the hospital.

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2. Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham was a member of the Red Arrows, which are the aerobatic team of the British Royal Air Force who are all extremely skilled pilots. These people were so good that there were zero fatalities between the years of 1998 to 2011, when Cunningham’s accident took place. Cunningham’s accident was an extremely strange one, because it didn’t take place while he was in the air, but took place before he took off. He was readying his plane when he accidentally hit the ejector seat which flung him over 200 ft in the air and, when his parachute failed to open, he fell to his death.

http://www.itv.com/news/central/topic/red-arrows/?page=3 Source: Itv.com

1. Jane Wicker

And coming in as the most horrific daredevil accident is Jane Wicker. Wicker was a famous and world renowned wing walker. Wing walking is the act of moving and/or walking on the wings of a plane during flight. This is without a doubt one of the most dangerous and daring things anybody could ever do, and Wicker was among the best in the world. However, not even someone of her experience could prevent what happened on June 22nd, 2013. While walking on the roof of a plane with no harness or parachute, the plane began to move erratically and entered a barrel roll to the earth. The plane hit the ground at unbelievable speeds which left Wicker and her pilot dead on impact.

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