10 Bizarre Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

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Everyone loves a good unsolved mystery, including us. We’ve a come long way in recent years. We seem to have an explanation for almost everything. As a result, there aren’t too many mysteries in modern life, which is nice – it is less scary that way. Sometimes though, it’s fun to be scared. Right now, we’re thinking about unsolved mysteries that still perplex us to this day. For some of them, investigators have offered a number of theories, but we still don’t know what happened and it looks like we never will. Here are 10 bizarre mysteries that are still unsolved!

10. The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen that is centuries old and appears to bear the image of a crucified man. Many believe that this was the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. Radiocarbon tests have dated it back to the Medieval Period; however, another study claims that an earthquake in Jerusalem in 33 AD may have created the image in the shroud and skewed the dating results.

People are still really divided about the Shroud of Turin. Is it really the cloth that wrapped Jesus Christ’s crucified body or is it a counterfeit?

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9. The Object of Aiud

The Object of Aiud, also known as the Aluminum Wedge of Aiud, is a wedge-shaped object that was found two kilometers east of Aiud, Romania, in 1974. It was found buried under 35 feet of sand and alongside two mastodon bones. Archeologists determined that the object was made out of alloy of aluminum, which was incased in a layer of oxide. This object has perplexed people because aluminum was not discovered until 1808 and it requires 1,000 degrees of heat to be produced. Also, the fact that it was found alongside mastodon bones potentially means that it is at least 11,000 years old.

Some claim that the Object of Aiud is proof that aliens have visited earth; however, scientists believe that the object was made on earth for purposes that are currently unknown.

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8. The Hum

The Hum is a steady, droning noise that can be heard in Taos, New Mexico; Bristol, England; and Largs, Scotland. Only two percent of the population can detect it and, for them, the sound can be quite unsettling. The Hum is only heard indoors and it’s louder at night than during the day. Those in rural or suburban areas are also more likely to hear it because there is less noise. A number of physical and psychological explanations have been offered for the sounds, but the Hum is still considered a mystery.

http://strangesounds.org/2013/09/mysterious-hum-the-taos-hum.html Source: strangesounds.org

7. The Green Children of Woolpit

Back in the 12th century, two children with green-hued skin appeared in the village of Woolpit in England. The boy and girl were brother and sister. They reportedly spoke an unknown language and would only eat beans. Both of them became sickly and the boy died; however, the girl recovered and eventually learned to speak English. When she was asked where she came from, she said St. Martin’s Land which, according to her, was an underground world inhabited by green people.

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6. Black Dahlia

The gruesome murder of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia, has gone unsolved for almost 70 years. Back in 1947, Short, an aspiring actress, was found mutilated with her body sliced in half at the waist and drained of blood in a vacant lot in Los Angeles. There have been a number of suspects in the case; however, there has never been enough evidence to convict anyone. Her murder is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in L.A.’s history.

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5. Severed Feet in British Columbia, Canada

Since 2007, several detached human feet have washed up on the Salish Sea in British Columbia and on the coast of Washington State. All of the feet have been clad in running shoes; however, only five have been identified as belonging to four people who had all been reported as missing. The owners of the remaining feet still remain a mystery.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2052119/Severed-feet-British-Columbia-Foot-identified-belonging-woman-jumped-death-bridge.html Source: Mail Online

4. D.B. Cooper

In 1971, a man who called himself D.B. Cooper hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight 305 when it was in the airspace between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, and extorted $200,000 in ransom and then parachuted off into the night. The man has never been located or positively identified, in spite of an extensive manhunt and an ongoing FBI investigation, and it is the only unsolved case of air piracy in American aviation history.

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3. Carroll A. Deering

Carroll A. Deering was a five-masted commercial schooner that was found after it had been mysteriously abandoned off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in 1921. All of the ship’s log and navigation equipment was gone, as was the crew’s personal effects and the ship’s two lifeboats. It looked as though the food was in the process of being prepared for the next day’s meal when the crew had abandoned the ship. No explanation for the disappearance of the crew, the ship’s log or the navigation equipment has ever been offered; however, all evidence seems to point to mutiny or piracy.

http://www.bermuda-triangle.org/carroll_a__deering.html Source: www.bermuda-triangle.org

2. SS Ourang Medan

The SS Ourang Medan reportedly became a shipwreck in Indonesian waters after its entire crew died under mysterious circumstances. In 1947, two American vessels in the area, City of Baltimore and Silver Star, picked up distress messages from a radio operator aboard Ourang Medan. “S.O.S. from Ourang Medan * * * we float. All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead * * *.” Following that came the words “I die.”

When Silver Star located the Ourang Medan, the crew found the ship littered with dead bodies that were sprawled on their backs with their mouths agape and their eyes wide open. There were no survivors and, surprisingly, there were no visible signs of injury on the corpses. A fire then broke out on the ship, forcing the crew from the Silver Star to evacuate. What happened to the crew aboard the Ourang Medan has never been determined, although some suspect that there were unsecured hazardous materials aboard the ship or carbon monoxide poisoning while others suspect that the crew was attacked by UFOs.

http://www.boatshut.com/ourang-medan/ Source: www.boatshut.com

1. The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, a group of seven men and two women experienced in long ski tours and mountain expeditions set out on a ski trek across the northern Ural Mountains. Along the way, the group lost their direction because of bad weather and decreasing visibility. They set up camp on the slope of Holatchahl mountain; however, what happened after this, no one really knows.

Several weeks after the group disappeared, searchers found their abandoned and badly damaged tent. Investigators determined that they had cut the tent open from the inside to escape from some threat. All of their belongings and shoes had been left behind. Some of them fled wearing only socks or a single shoe while others were barefoot. When the bodies were found, investigators noted that were no signs of struggle, but two victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs without any contusions. One of the women was missing her tongue, eyes, facial tissue, as well as part of her lips and tests showed high doses of radioactive contamination on the clothes of a few victims.

http://www.unacknowledged.info/former-canadian-minister-of-defense-testifies-ufos-are-real/ Source: www.unacknowledged.info

Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers