Kanye West

Pizza Hut Offers Kanye West A Job To Help Pay Off His $53 Million Debt

You’ve probably heard all about Kanye West’s latest shenanigans, with the rapper taking to Twitter this week to bemoan his crippling amounts of debt and demands that Mark Zuckerberg send him money instead of using it for noble pursuits such as opening schools in Africa. As usual, Kanye’s utter lack of humility or anything resembling selfawareness have made him a laughing stock of the internet, to the point where even Pizza Hut is dropping sick burns on the outspoken artist.

Evidently, someone on Pizza Hut UK’s social media team thought they should answer Kanye’s cries for help and responded with a firmly tounge-in-cheek job offer:

Kanye’s pretty busy right now, what with dropping a new album this week — and his full-time job of being a giant egomaniac — so he probably has little time in his schedule to flip pizza dough. Still, how great would it be if Kanye took Pizza Hut up on this offer and actually went to work for them, even for a day? At least it would show that he’s capable of poking fun at himself … which definitely means it will never, ever happen.


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)