‘X-Men’ Producer Addresses Whether Future Films Will Be R-Rated

Although Deadpool and Logan are both essentially spin-offs of the X-Men brand, it’s still true that 20th Century Fox’s two most recent films occupying that universe are R-rated, which would have seemed unbelievable only a few years ago. Deadpool was a huge financial success in spite of (or because of, depending on how you look at it) its R-rating and it’s looking like Logan will be as well if its impressive opening weekend box office take is any indication of long-term success.

Of course, we know that Deadpool 2 is going to have an R-rating and will probably go even further with its adult content than the first film, but what about other future entries in the X-Men franchise? Is there a chance that we’ll ever see a proper X-Men movie get an R classification?

Series producer Simon Kinberg recently addressed this topic with /Film and revealed that they’ll be looking at films on a case-by-case basis to determine whether an R-rating is justified or not.

I think that each movie, we figure out what the story is, then we figure out the requirements of the story, and if the requirements of the story are R-rated, it’s R-rated. We don’t go into movies saying, this one’s gonna be R-rated, this one’s gonna be PG-13, we don’t make those decisions before we make the decisions of story. My instinct is that the Deadpool universe, which is Deadpool 2 and potentially X-Force, they require being R-rated, because that’s just Deadpool’s voice in the comic, and it’s Deadpool’s voice in the movie so far. I think audiences would be disappointed if they got a PG-13 Deadpool movie. So my easy bet would be Deadpool 2 is R-rated and most movies within that sort of shared but separate universe would be likewise.

In other words, it’s probably safe to assume that the next main series X-Men movie isn’t going to be rated R, but it does sound like Kinberg is open to the idea of going for that rating if it fits the material. If a director or screenwriter goes to Fox with an X-Men story idea that would demand an R-rating, they could very well get it thanks to the proven success of movies like Deadpool and Logan. We’re probably not going to see the floodgates open with hard R superhero films in the coming years, but we’re definitely going to start seeing more of them.

Source: /Film

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)