Will The Kingpin Make An Appearance In Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Vincent D’Onofrio, who has received heaps of accolades for his role as Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil series, has spoken out about the rumors that he could be making in appearance in Sony and Marvel’s upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Taking to Twitter, D’Onofrio admitted that he would love to have a role in the film, but that he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. “Sorry folks but this is news to me,” he said, adding. “It would be great but I don’t think it will happen.”

D’Onofrio followed up that post by calling on fans to tell Marvel that they want Kingpin in the film:

Although Marvel’s Netflix series and its films take place in the same universe, there hasn’t been much in the way of crossover between the two entities as of yet. If D’Onofrio got to bring Kingpin to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it would be a pretty big deal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and not just because D’Onofrio is awesome in the role).

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due out July 7, 2017 and stars Tom Holland in the title role. We already know that Robert Downey Jr. will be making an appearance in the film as Tony Stark and that Michael Keaton is possibly being cast as the film’s villain. Hopefully Keaton will be joined by the Kingpin if he ends up getting the part.

(Via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)