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WATCH: The Trailer For The 1994 Fantastic Four Movie That Was Never Released

There’s only been three Fantastic Four movies, right? Wrong!

In 1994, executive producers Roger Corman and Bernd Eichinger and director Oley Sassone slapped together a film about Marvel’s famed foursome on a budget of just $1 million — far less than the $100 million spent on the 2005 film, the $130 million spent on it’s Silver Surfer sequel, or the $120 million spent on the most recent 2015 version.

Despite actually showing this trailer and spending time and money marketing the film, it was never released. The reason has never been fully explained, with some people speculating it was a “suicide mission” from the start, only intended to secure the rights to the characters and the Fantastic Four franchise.

Full copies are floating around the internet if you feel the need to watch the whole thing. Hell, it might be better than the most recent trainwreck.

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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