WATCH: Brand New Trailer for ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

Mark Wahlberg. Robots. Explosions. Anthony Hopkins. Explosions. Lens Flare. Explosions. All set to dramatic music. You’ll get all that, and more, in this latest trailer for Michael Bay’s upcoming summer blockbuster Transformers: The Last Knight.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not 100 percent sure what’s going on in this trailer. There are some ancient knights, celebrating with (presumably?) ancient transformers? All the synopsis of the film stress that “Optimus Prime is gone,” but he’s clearly not. And something about an ancient history of why Transformers keep coming to Earth anyway. Can’t they find their own planet?

The movie, the fifth in the series so far, hits theaters in late June. It also stars Stanley Tucci, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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