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There’s A ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Video Game Coming Out For Some Reason

Lionsgate and Big Star Games have announced Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, a top-down action-shooter based on Quentin Tarantino’s breakout 1992 film.

The game is meant to coincide with the film’s 25th anniversary this year, in case you were wondering why we’re only just now getting a video game adaptation. It will be released on Steam this spring, with an Xbox One version to follow sometime later.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will allow players to strategically rewind time in order to control a team of characters as they carry out a variety of heists based on the movie. The game features six playable characters from the movie: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, and Mr. Pink.

“As huge fans of Reservoir Dogs, we’re very focused on creating a highly addictive experience that stays true to the tense, dramatic vibe of this unforgettable movie,” Big Star Games CEO Liam Patton said. “By taking control of different characters for overlapping bursts of time, players must utilize the strengths of each squad member to carry out the game’s missions, with every move and shot creating a butterfly effect on the overall outcome.”

Hopefully Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days honors the iconic film’s legacy by actually being good and isn’t just a cash-grab meant to capitalize on the film’s anniversary celebration.


Via: IGN

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)