Justice League Dark

The New ‘Justice League Dark’ Animated Movie Looks Really Disturbing

For as much as the D.C. Cinematic Universe gets hammered by critics for films like Suicide Squad, the D.C. Universe Animated Films is basically the opposite. It has given us great animated movies featuring some of the more mature D.C. story arcs. They feature graphic violence, foul language, and are basically not standard children’s cartoon.

Justice League Dark, the newest addition to growing library, became available digitally today (you’ll have to wait until February 7 for a physical copy). This exclusive clip from the PlayStation YouTube channel gives us a longer look at the mysterious violence plaguing the likes of Washington, D.C., Metropolis, and Gotham City. Some of the horrors include regular innocent civilians tricked by some dark force into mowing down pedestrians in a car, brutally murdering their neighbors, or throwing their newborn baby off the top of a building.

Surely the Justice League will be able to sort out this mess.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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