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The Most Important Plot Details And Easter Eggs We Found In The New ‘Spider-Man’ Trailer

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The second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has arrived and it’s pretty action-packed as these things go. The trailer mainly focuses on Peter Parker’s very different relationships with Tony Stark / Iron Man and Michael Keaton’s Vulture, who effectively occupy the mentor and villain roles in this film, respectively. Although we got to see Spider-Man fight in Captain America: Civil War, Homecoming feels like his real introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first stage of his hero journey, with Stark seemingly filling in for Uncle Ben with the “With great power …” lessons.

While I’m a bit disappointed that this trailer doesn’t have more Easter eggs (unless I’m just totally missing them), there are still a good number of cool moments worth taking a look at and discussing. So let’s dive into this thing!

Logo Drone (0:01)

Peter’s Stark Industries-designed Spider-Man suit is a pretty cool piece of tech (how about that vacuum seal-style fitting?) but it’s best feature is shown right at the start of the trailer. It appears that the chest logo on Spider-Man’s suit is actually a miniature drone. It’s unclear what exactly it does besides detach randomly and fly away, but I’m assuming it will be put to good use in the film.

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Captain America’s Fitness Challenge (0:37)

Chris Evans gets to make a Captain America cameo in the Homecoming trailer, but not in the way you might expect. It seems that Cap has his own line of physical education videos used in high schools across America, as we see Peter and his classmates watching “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge” in gym class. While it’s unclear if this is the only time we’ll see Cap in the movie, the video does raise some interesting questions.

The film is in color, so it obviously wasn’t made back during World War II when Captain America was busy selling war bonds and essentially being a mascot used by the US government for propaganda purposes. That means that either an actor is playing Captain America in the video or its Steve Rogers himself donning his old uniform to help get American children fit and toned. I guess being an Avenger must not be as lucrative as one might expect and Cap has had to take some contract jobs to help pay the bills.

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Of Human Bondage (0:38)

During the same gym class scene, there’s a shot of Peter’s class looking pretty disinterested in Cap’s video but none more so than Peter’s friend Michelle (played by Zendaya), who’s got her nose deep in a book. On closer inspection, we can see that she’s reading W. Somerset Maugham’s novel Of Human Bondage, which is fitting because it’s a story that is typically voraciously read by adolescents because of its coming-of-age story elements.

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Vulture With Iron Man Mask (0:46)

Michael Keaton’s Vulture is being set up as the anti-Tony Stark and this is a point that the trailer hammers home with the shot of the villain holding Iron Man’s mask. But how did the Vulture get the mask? It looks like something goes down at Stark Avengers Tower at some point in the film and the most obvious scenario would be Vulture and his goons breaking in to steal some tech / just generally cause a ruckus. There might even be a clue in the very next shot …

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Damage Control (0:47)

Immediately following the scene with Vulture and the Iron Man mask, we see a news report that reads “Breaking News: Damage Control” with a shot of Tony Stark and Avengers Tower. While this report appears to be referencing whatever happens with Vulture at the tower, it’s also possible that this all has something to do with the fallout from the events of Captain America: Civil War.

As you’ll recall, that film concluded with the Avengers broken and disbanded and it’s fair to say that the team probably isn’t very popular with the public right now. As the current leader and face of the Avengers, Tony Stark is likely under a lot of scrutiny right now, so perhaps the “damage control” the report is referencing has something to do with that.

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Tony Is A Disappointed Dad (1:26-1:35)

The biggest shock in the trailer arguably comes from Tony’s reprimanding of Peter following the pair’s rescue of a sinking ship. It’s unclear why Tony is angry with Peter, but it seems like Peter may have been responsible (at least partly) for causing the situation in the first place. This moment seems to form one of the film’s main conflicts, as Tony threatens to take the Spider-Man suit he designed for Peter back.

While we don’t actually see Peter surrender the suit, it appears that Tony does take it back at some point, as trailer goes onto show Peter in his original Spider-Man suit in scenes that appear to take place after this conversation with Tony. This almost feels like a repeat of Thor’s struggle to reclaim Mjolnir in the original Thor movie, as Peter ostensibly has to prove to Tony that he’s worthy of wearing the suit.

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Spider-Man Unmasked (1:39)

It seems that Spider-Man: Homecoming is following in the footsteps of both Sam Raimi’s trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man movies in having multiple scenes where Peter isn’t wearing his Spidey mask. Call me crazy, but it’s kind of hard to keep your secret identity a secret when you can’t keep your mask on!

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Vulture Family? (1:42-1:44)

We still don’t know much about Micheal Keaton’s Vulture, but one of his primary motivations is laid bare in this trailer. The villain tells Peter that he’ll do anything to protect his family, recalling Sandman’s arc from Spider-Man 3. What’s interesting about this revelation is that in the comics, Vulture a.k.a. Adrian Toomes doesn’t really have a family. He does have a deceased wife and daughter but neither are ever seen or even given names, so family isn’t really a defining feature of the character.

It would appear that Spider-Man: Homecoming is changing things up and putting the Vulture’s family front-and-center and the reason why he’s turned to a life of crime. Of course, he could also just love his various goons so much that he refers to them as his family, which is totally fine too.

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Coney Island Showdown? (1:48)

It’s kind of hard to tell what exactly is going on in Spider-Man’s climactic showdown with Vulture, but the presence of a ferris wheel in the background of this shot suggests that at least part of it takes place in and around Coney Island. Not really much else to say about tha—oh look, Peter has his Spidey mask off again! The Vulture is definitely going to know your secret identity now, dude.

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Spidey Fighting In Old Suit (1:49-1:52)

As previously mentioned, it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of Spider-Man in his original suit in this movie, what with Tony Stark taking away his high-tech one. It looks to me like Peter may wear the thing for his entire final battle with Vulture and that the film will conclude with Tony declaring his young protege worthy of wearing the cool Spidey suit again.

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That Kiss (1:59)

Not much to say here other than we now know that Peter hits it off romantically with his high school crush Liz Allan (Laura Harrier). Considering this shot comes right when Keaton’s Vulture is threating to kill everyone Peter loves if he doesn’t get out of his way, I’m guessing that Spider-Man will have to save Liz at least once from a life-threatening situation over the course of the film.

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Washington Monument Explosion (2:00)

Why is the Washington Monument blowing up and more importantly, why is Spider-Man even in Washington to begin with? Based on the shots that follow this one, my best guess is that Peter is there on a school trip and if forced to leap into action when historical monuments start blowing up. Maybe he’ll get to say hi to the President while he’s there?

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What’s In The Plane? (2:08 -)

Considering Vulture is a villain whose main ability is to fly around, it sort of makes sense that the climactic scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming would involve an airplane. My question is what’s going on with this plane and why is Vulture attacking it? It definitley doesn’t look like a passenger plane, so I have to assume that it’s carrying something the Vulture wants. Whatever the case, it looks like it will be a fun set piece and I’m looking forward to seeing how Peter is able to land the thing just by directing it with his webbing.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)