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The Lost Boys From Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ Reunite For Film’s 25th Anniversary

Steven Spielberg’s Hook can rightly be considered a cult classic at this point, as the film was hated by critics in its day, but for viewers who grew up with it, it’s a beloved classic.

While most viewers are aware of what Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman did with their careers after playing Peter Pan and Captain Hook, respectively, many of us likely have no idea what ever happened to the young stars who played the film’s Lost Boys. Fortunately, they all got back together recently to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and to honor the legacy of the late Williams. They even donned their old outfits for a photo-op with Entertainment Tonight. Source:

Dante Basco, who played the Lost Boy leader Rufio, looks back on his outfit in particular with something less than fond memories.

“You have to understand, when you’re 15 and you’re doing this Steven Spielberg movie with megastars- Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts- you know you want to be cool,” said Basco. “I don’t know how cool I’m going to look with my belly button out!”

However, the actors admit that it was Williams and his performance that they look back on as their fondest memory. “He kept the set very alive,” said James Madio, who played Don’t Ask. “He made sure that he had a relationship with each every one of us.”

(Source: ET Online)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)