‘The Dark Knight’ Composer Hans Zimmer On Why He Prefers Christian Bale’s Batman To Ben Affleck’s

After contributing to last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, composer Hans Zimmer made it clear that he’s done with scoring superhero movies. While it’s understandable that Zimmer would be growing disinterested with the genre after having scored the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel prior to Batman v Superman, it sounds like his departure could also have something to do with Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman.

As Zimmer explains, it wasn’t so much Affleck’s performance that made the task of scoring Batman v Superman a difficult task, but rather his inability to move on from Christian Bale’s portrayal after having spent so much time with composing for him. “It just did my brain in to have written Christian Bale as Batman, and suddenly it’s Ben Affleck.” he explained. “And it felt like I was betraying everything Christian had done. So there’s a certain amount of loyalty attached to those movies, as well.”

Zimmer went onto elaborate, explaining that it was difficult adjusting to Affleck’s version of the character because he couldn’t feel the character’s pain like he could with Bale’s.

“I spent months trying to come up with something for Ben. The Batman that I know and the one I learned is the one that Christian did, and Ben plays it differently. And I can’t quite shake that off. For me, the Christian Bale character was always completely unresolved. It was always about that moment at the beginning of the first movie, where he sees his parents getting killed. It was basically arrested development. The Ben character is more middle-aged, he seems to be grumpy as hell but I didn’t feel the pain that I felt in Christian’s performance. And it was that pain that made be interested.”

Is Zimmer correct in his assertion that Ben Affleck’s Batman lacked the pain found in Christian Bale’s performance or is this just a case of the composer being too attached to one version of the character at the expense of the other? Let us know what you think!

Source: Comic Book Movie

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)