The 7 Most Misleading Movie Titles Ever Source: Down With The Capitol

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a hard rule to go by when it comes to the title of a film. Granted with today’s expansive and invasive media, it is hard not to know what a movie is about before watching it but going just by the title, some movies make no sense. Some films could have been called pretty much anything else and it would have made a little more sense, yet what they ended up with was greatly misleading for audiences. While the title ends up making sense after seeing the movie, a lot of films tend to make things easier by being upfront with their name, these seven films however did the exact opposite. So, rest assured, these films are nothing what they sound like.

7. The Iron Lady

How anyone thought that this title wasn’t going to get mixed up and confused with the blockbuster superhero franchise Iron Man is hard to understand. Then again, maybe they did know and hoped it would draw attention. While former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady, given the prevalence of Iron Man in pop culture, not many would automatically think Thatcher when faced with the title of this movie. In a day and age where superhero films are everywhere but few female superheroes are represented, this just gives the wrong idea to those probably thinking Iron Man has met his female match. Source: Imp Awards

6. A Fish Called Wanda

This movie from 1988 stars John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin and has absolutely nothing to do with fish. Wanda is actually Jamie Lee Curtis’ character who is part of a diamond robbery that goes awry when everyone involved try to doublecross each other to get the treasures to themselves. As far as heist movies go, everyone knows it could have had many different names to more accurately describe the plot, but instead alludes to the most common of gilled water dwellers. Source: 80’s

5. The Silence Of The Lambs

As an iconic film, The Silence of the Lambs makes a lot of sense to those who have seen it and know that it derives from the story Clarice tells Hannibal Lecter about growing up on her aunt and uncle’s farm. Clearly, it has actually nothing to do with the plot of the movie and even speculation about what silencing lambs might have to do with the plot would never bring you to what really happens in this movie. Clearly the title had no impact on popularity of this film, but still, a lot of other things would have been more clear. Source:

4. Monster’s Ball

When examined closely Monster’s Ball makes sense as a title but on the surface this simple name does not even hint at what the plot of the film really is. Monster’s Ball could very well be a Pixar or Disney movie of “scary” creatures finding love at a soiree, but that couldn’t be further from the truth of the film which stars Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. Thornton is a racist prison guard in Louisiana who falls in love with the African American wife (Berry) of the last prisoner he executed. That does not sound like a “ball” at all.’s-Ball-(2001).html Source: DVDs ReleaseDates

3. The Hunger Games

This name has barely anything to do with the storyline of the books or movies and actually shocked a lot of people when it came down to the fact that the “Games” are about children brutally killing one another. This young adult fan favorite series brought to life on the big screen is rather disturbing and goes way deeper into a survival competition than just the fact of facing starvation. Any person with no knowledge of the franchise would already expect to be horrified by children starving to death, and are in for a nastier shock when they start killing each other. Euphemism for the win! Source: Down With The Capitol

2. Dances With Wolves

Forget that everyone is well aware of the iconic Kevin Costner film from 1990 and think about what this actually sounds like. If any unsuspecting person were to watch this movie they would probably think it had something to do with someone going to live in the wild and befriend a wolf pack. In reality the movie has nothing to do with dancing or wolves and instead derives from the native name Costner’s character is given after befriending a tribe of Native Americans. Source: Imp Awards

1. Trainspotting

Trainspotting is a common term in Europe for a notoriously boring pasttime which is exactly as is suggested, watching trains and logging their information. However, the movie created a whole new meaning for the word to instead refer to shooting up drugs into your veins creating a visible “track” and the effects when it hits you like a train. This 1996 movie takes on a realistic, harsh, shocking and yet sometimes funny detailing of the Edinburgh drug scene and those involved. Source: Cineparadise

Telisa Carter

Telisa Carter