TERMINATOR: Linda Hamilton Coming Back To Play Sarah Connor In Next Movie

Last week, it was confirmed that James Cameron will be producing a new Terminator trilogy, with Deadpool director Tim Miller at the helm for the first installment. One bit of news that many people seemed to either not pick up on or just ignore is the somewhat surprising revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger will apparently be reprising his role (again) as the titular cyborg.

Cameron claimed that his new trilogy would pretty much ignore every Terminator movie made after his own T2: Judgement Day (1991), signalling that the first installment would likely pick up from where that film left off. And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Linda Hamilton is also coming back. Presumably, she’ll be playing Sarah Connor again, but the story doesn’t confirm which character she will play.

Of course, Schwarzenegger and Hamilton are both arguably the most important acting pieces of those first two Terminator films, but they’re also more than a quarter century older now. Unless this new film is set way in present day or Cameron plans on using CGI to de-age both actors, it’s hard to see how this is all going to work. What’s next, bringing Edward Furlong back to play John Connor? (actually, I’d be cool with seeing how that scenario plays out).

The next Terminator film is tentatively set for a 2019 release and I’m very curious to see what the heck is going on with this thing.

Source: THR

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)