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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Mark Hamill And Rian Johnson Explain The Film’s Ending

Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters, the film’s cast and crew are finally able to break their silence on the many secrets they’ve been keeping for the last two years. Recently, director Rian Johnson and star Mark Hamill sat down for a Q&A with EW to discuss the film’s emotional ending, which sees Luke Skywalker dying after buying his friends and family time to escape from the First Order on the planet Crait.

Of course, the way in which Luke departs has led some to believe that the character may not be gone for good, including Hamill, who somewhat jokingly admits that he’s still holding out hope for a return in Episode IX:

“Well, I’m still in denial,” said Hamill. “I just think [Luke] transported somewhere else … The first thing I said was, ‘Can’t you wait and do this in Episode IX?”

Given the way in which Luke departs, there’s still a chance Hamill will be called back to reprise the role in Episode IX, as there is speculation that Luke will appear to Rey as a Force Ghost. However, even if that doesn’t happen, Hamill says he’ll still try and find a way to be involved:

“I’m just still holding on to the line, ‘See you around, kid.’ I can be in Episode Nine!” Hamill declared to cheers from the crowd in attendance. “I might consider catering the film just so I can hang out.”

As for killing off Luke Skywalker off in the new trilogy’s middle chapter, Rian Johnson says that it was a very difficult decision to make but one that he collaborated heavily on with Lucasfilm in order to get it right:

“I had huge hesitance. I was terrified. It was a growing sense of dread when I realized this was going to make sense in that chapter. It was not like I wrote the script and dropped it on their desk. It was very important to me that I was collaborating with the folks at Lucasfilm from the word go. I moved to San Francisco for a few months and would go in a few times a week to keep them up to date, spewing my ideas out, especially the big ones.”

Ultimately, Johnson says that his decision to kill Luke and Supreme Leader Snoke off was done so in order to concentrate on the new characters. With Snoke gone, Kylo Ren is now free to grow into the villain he so desperately wants to become and similarly with Luke, Rey is now free to become the beacon of hope for the light side in Episode IX. In fact, Johnson believes that Luke’s story arc was more or less complete with 1983’s Return of the Jedi:

“I think the hero’s journey of Luke Skywalker concluded in Return of the Jedi. This [trilogy] is the hero’s journey of Rey, and Finn, and Poe. The (ongoing) story of Luke is one that has to play in tandem with that of Rey.”

Johnson will admit to there being one slight flaw with Luke’s actual vanishing scene, however: “We were in the other room saying, ‘A steel hand should clunk to the ground.'”

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Source: EW

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)