‘Rough Night’ Review: 2017’s Best Comedy (So Far)

Rough Night was like watching an all female, rebooted version of The Hangover, and I mean that in the nicest possible way – I really did enjoy it! Much like Bridesmaids succeeded in doing, Rough Night proved that women can make a comedy just as good, or if not better, than the boys can. So shout out to director, Lucia Aniello, you did an excellent job. Now, in all fairness, the movie will resonate a lot more with the female crowd. But from my perspective, to all my fellow men out there stuck in limbo on this one – I’m telling you, you’ll have a blast!

Now, you wouldn’t know this, but I’m quite the Workaholics fan, so you imagine how excited I was to hear that Jillian Bell was in this movie. She has this deadpan, in your face humor that is hard not to find funny. Which is why her role in the movie couldn’t have been more perfect. She plays the protective, loud-mouthed friend of Scarlett Johansson’s character. While I do believe the chemistry between the two “best-friends” was slightly lacking, it was believable enough that the story worked. Johansson on the other hand, plays a wannabe politician in need of a reality check – which is very similar to Zoe Kravitz’s role. Two ladies desperately in need of some serious girl time! I also thought Ilana Glazer was a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately, with comedians like Bell and Kate McKinnon in the mix, it can be hard to shine through all the hilarity. I mean, who’s funnier than McKinnon right now? She’s like the female version of Will Ferrell. When you combine her ridiculous accents, manic expressions and perfect comedic timing, McKinnon is probably the best in the game!

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For someone that isn’t too familiar with Lucia Aniello’s work, I was very impressed. In the past few weeks I’ve now seen two excellent movies made by female directors, the other being Wonder Woman. Now, Rough Night is by no means on the same level as Wonder Women, but for a comedy, it delivered. The comedic tone was excellent from start to finish. Well, I guess the end was a little dry, but aren’t all comedies like that? After all that laughter the body is bound to come down from the high eventually.

At the end of the day, I ask myself, “Did you enjoy the movie?”. Which I did. But…and I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, I just didn’t think this movie was that memorable. Sure, it was hilarious, it just didn’t have that spark like The Hangover did. That special thing that gives a movie it’s rewatchablity. I guess in today’s terms, we call that ‘memeability’. Either way, like I mentioned at the top, I would fully recommend this movie – 100%! I guess I just feel like you could wait for it to hit Netflix, or rent it on the Apple Store or something…that’s all. Unless you’re a female, because in that case, call your friends, buy your tickets and be prepared to laugh. You’ll want to watch this with your girlfriends as much as I want to watch Die Hard with the guys.


While it wasn’t as good as Bridesmaids, it was still really funny, which is the whole point of a comedy. If I’ve learned anything from my ridiculous love of Billy Madison growing up, it’s that all a comedy needs to do is make you laugh and for a brief couple hours, keep you entertained. Which is exactly how I felt after this movie - entertained.

Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

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