Ridley Scott Is Deleting Kevin Spacey From His New Film, ‘All The Money In The World’

Kevin Spacey’s career implosion has taken another shocking turn this week, as Deadline reports that the actor has been removed entirely from Sir Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, All The Money In The World. Spacey’s role will be replaced by Christopher Plummer, and the film is (somehow) still expected to meet its December 22nd release date.

“In a unified front, the cast and crew of the film, and Sony Pictures, unanimously agreed to re-shoot all of Spacey’s scenes, with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams’ cooperation part of the mix. This comes on the heels of the decision to pull the film from the prestige closing night slot of the AFI Festival.”

This is an unprecedented move for a major Hollywood production to be making so close to release and seems to only be possible due to the fact that Spacey’s role as J. Paul Getty is relatively small, with the actor having only worked on the film for about ten days.  Interestingly, Plummer was reportedly Scott’s first choice to play Spacey’s role, but Sony’s Tom Rothman insisted on casting a bigger “name” (nevermind the fact that is a veteran actor with an Academy Award to his name). We’ve also heard anecdotally that Scott made the decision to get rid of Spacey personally and only told Sony after he was fired.

How Scott still expects All The Money In The World to keep its Dec. 22nd release date is anyone’s guess but whenever it lands, it will do so without Kevin Spacey in elaborate age makeup.

(Via: Deadline, Birth.Movies.Death)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)