REPORT: There Will Be 3 New X-Men Universe Movies In 2018

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is planning to release three new movies set in the X-Men universe next year. Yes, three.

There’s Josh Boone’s New Mutants, which is scheduled to arrive on April 13th, followed by Deadpool 2 on June 1st. Finally, later in the year, there will be a direct sequel to 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse: Dark Phoenix, which, as you may have guessed, is based on the Dark Phoenix storyline because apparently we need to revisit that well.

The good news is that it looks like Bryan Singer won’t be returning to direct, so there’s a chance that Dark Phoenix might actually be good. Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg tells EW that he’s interested in directing and also had this to say about the film’s storyline:

“I definitely would love to take another stab at the Dark Phoenix story. The seeds of Phoenix definitely are planted in (Apocalypse). She can’t control her powers unless she either fully stops them or lets them all loose, and that’s kind of Phoenix. I think in future movies to come we’ll definitely see a bit more of that.”

Are you interested in the franchise taking another stab at Dark Phoenix, or would you rather see the X-Men do literally anything else? Let us know in the comments!

(Via: EW, Birth.Movies.Death.)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)