REPORT: Disney Developing Standalone TV Shows For Loki And Scarlet Witch


Disney is currently in the midst of prepping its own streaming service to compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. As a way of offering potential customers incentive to become subscribers, the company has begun padding its service with some potentially huge TV shows and movies, including newly-announced standalone series for both Loki and Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Variety reports that Disney’s production approach to the series will be similar to other Marvel shows like Agents of Shield and Netflix’s Iron Fistthough there are some potentially major differences. Notably, the difference with the most impact in the new show’s production will be the producers themselves; While shows like Iron Fist are produced by Marvel TV,  the Disney-based programs are going to be produced by Marvel Studios, meaning a much closer tie to the movie world than the previous TV productions.

Better yet, the original cast for these characters are said to be returning, which means that we’ll be seeing Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen reprise their roles as Loki and Scarlet Witch, respectively.


Another incentive that Disney is offering to try and lure customers over to its platform is price, as the service is most likely going to cost less than Netflix and will launch at some point in late 2019.

The aforementioned Marvel series have already begun early development, though writers have yet to be locked into any sort of projects. Reportedly, Disney’s thinking is to use these TV series to develop characters that have been underserved on the big screen. In other words, we’re probably not going to see characters such as Thor and Iron Man get their own show.

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Source: Variety

Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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