Prepare Yourself For The 12 Days Of ‘Deadpool’

Forget Christmas; tis the season for Deadpool! 12 Days of Deadpool, to be exact.

Ryan Reynolds, decked out in full costume (and unsuccessfully attempting to drink a glass of egg not), has revealed in a new viral video that the next twelve days will see twelve different sites debut an exclusive new piece of content surrounding the upcoming Marvel film.

The fesitivities will conclude with a brand-spanking new trailer arriving on Christmas Day. Look for it to preimere during one of the five NBA games that day. Or, you know, just wait for it to drop online.

Check out the full details below. And Merry Deadmas…or would it be Christpool? Mercmas? Tell us Deadpool!

  • Dec.14 – Entertainment Weekly
  • Dec.15 – People Magazine
  • Dec.16 – Deviant Art
  • Dec.17 – Empire Magazine
  • Dec.18 – Fandango
  • Dec.19 – JoBlo
  • Dec.20 – Deadpool Core
  • Dec.21 – Mashable
  • Dec.22 – IMAX
  • Dec.23 – Ryan Reynolds
  • Dec.24 – Trailer Eve
  • Dec.25 – Trailer Day

(via: ComicBookMovie)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)