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‘Logan’ Originally Featured an Entire Scene About Jean Grey

One of the best things about Logan was actually the lack of a large ensemble cast that most of the other X-Men movies have featured. As we previously wrote, the movie succeeds in having great character development (something many comic book movies struggle with) largely due to not having many characters at all. There’s Wolverine, Professor X, and Laura aka X-23. Everyone else is a supporting player, even the bad guys.

Director James Mangold recently revealed that there was almost an entire scene devoted to one of the other X-Men, though. Logan has long been infatuated with Jean Grey, even after having to kill her (in Dark Phoenix form) at the end of of X-Men: The Last Stand. In fact, it’s exactly that kind of larger moral sacrifice that is eating away at Logan throughout the entire new film.

Mangold gives us the details on the scene, which had Logan speaking fondly of his dead “wife” during dinner with the Munson family.

“I sketched out different conversations for that dinner scene and one of them went to a much darker place. Mrs Munson asks Logan if he’s married, and Charles says he was – but he killed her. Of course, he wasn’t really married, but what that then spawns is Charles waxing poetic about Jean Grey, and it’s a really cool moment. Both Hugh and Patrick were amazing. The problem was, it created an incredibly powerful lead brick in the middle of the only moment in the movie where there was a breather. Even I, with my taste for the dark, felt that it was one too many.” (Via Empire Magazine)

Mangold revealed that the scene would likely end on the Blu-ray version of Logan as a special feature, along with an entire black and white version of the film, for those who appreciate the artistic value of that sort of thing.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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