Kingsman: The Golden Circle

‘Kingsman 2’ Director Hated The Big Spoiler In The Film’s Trailer

Matthew Vaughn is currently doing the press circuit for his new film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and has spoken out about his disappointment in the film’s trailers.

Specifically, Vaughn criticizes the decision to include the reveal that Colin Firth’s Harry Hart — who was seemingly killed off in the first film — would return for the sequel.

Speaking to IGN, Vaughn didn’t mince words when it came to his feelings on the film’s promotional campaign. “Well, I’m not in charge of marketing. The thinking about that was stupidity, to be blunt.”

He continued: “I begged the studio not to reveal it. Because it’s the whole driving force of the first act and if you didn’t know that scene it would’ve made the whole audience gasp. So you have to ask the lovely marketing guys because I think their job is to open the movie and don’t really care about the experience of the movie.”

Vaughn says that he will be making an effort to not allow something like this to happen again, as he plans to take control of trailers for his films in future. “There’s a great expression someone said to me: ‘the storyteller should be the story seller,’ and I’m going to try and do that next time.”

Even with the big spoiler reveal, we enjoyed Kingsman: The Golden Circle quite a bit, calling it a “well-executed sequel that should please fans of the original.” You can read our review here.

(Via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)