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JUSTICE LEAGUE: Henry Cavill Responds To Those Superman Mustache Reports

Earlier this week, Variety ran a story detailing the various problems Warner Bros. was running into while trying to do Justice League reshoots around the busy schedules of the film’s stars. While the story itself offered a fascinating look behind-the-scenes of one of the year’s biggest tentpole releases, it all paled in comparison to the tidbit about Henry Cavill and his glorious mustache.

Cavill grew the ‘stache for his role in Mission Impossible 6 and reportedly was under strict orders from Paramount not to shave it off while shooting continues. This means that WB will have to digitally remove all traces of Cavill’s facial hair for his scenes as Superman in Justice League. Fan debates over whether Superman should keep the mustache or not quickly ensued and now Cavill himself has weighed in on the matter.

The actor took to Instagram to address the issue, albeit in the most tongue-in-cheek way possible:

Dear followers, it is time to finally set the record straight in this moustache fiasco. Pictured above, is not a set on MI6 but is in fact the latest in a series of weapons being designed by Warner Bros and Paramount Studios to combat the entity known as "Henry Cavill's Moustache". There has been no discussion over whether to shave or not to shave for the JL reshoots, simply a relentless campaign to put an end to the seemingly inexorable conquest of this despotic 'stache. It is not a question of IF I should shave – it is a question of how can we possibly be victorious against such a beast without bringing our own doom raining down upon us. #MI6 #JusticeLeague #HenryCavillsMoustache #HopeIsAllWeHaveLeft #MoustacheImpossible

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What Cavill is really trying to say is that the true villain of Justice League isn’t Steppenwolf or even Darkseid; it’s the sentient mustache that has engulfed the actor’s upper lip and soon, the world.

(As an aside, it’s safe to say that the Justice League Blu-ray is going to have an alternate cut featuring the “despotic ‘stache,” right?)

Note: The header Photoshop work comes courtesy of comic book writer/artist Cameron Stewart (Batgirl of Burnside, Motor Crush)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)