Joss Whedon Explains Why ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Made Him Feel Like A “Miserable Failure”

Joss Whedon has made no secret about the fact that directing Avengers: Age of Ultron burned him out, but it’s surprising to hear just how critical he is about his own work on the film.

As reported by Variety, Whedon gave a candid interview with Avengers star Mark Ruffalo at the Tribeca Feilm Festival recently, revealing that he has very conflicted feelings about Age of Ultron as a whole.

“”I am very proud of it [but] The things about it that are wrong frustrate me enormously, and I had probably more of those than I had on the other movies I made.”

Whedon famously stepped away from directing any more movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Age of Ultron’s release last year, an event that he also elaborated on:

“I was so beaten down by the process,” Whedon explained. “Some of that was conflicting with Marvel, which is inevitable. A lot of it was about my own work, and I was also exhausted […] I think that did a disservice to the movie and the studio and to myself.”

While Whedon seems to have picked up a healthy dose of cynicism from the whole experience, as a self-professed comic book nerd, he also has many fond memories of his time working on the Avengers franchise:

“But I also got to make, for the second time, an absurdly personal movie that talked about how I felt about humanity, and what it means, in very esoteric and bizarre ways, for hundreds of billions of dollars. The fact that Marvel gave me that opportunity is so bonkers, and so beautiful, and the fact that I come off of it feeling like a miserable failure, is also bonkers, but not in a cute way.”

Although we labelled Age of Ultron as one of 2015’s most disappointing movies, it is far from being a “miserable failure” and that applies doubly to Joss Whedon’s work on the film. It’s sad to see Whedon be so hard on himself for a making a film that, while flawed, was also extremely entertaining. Hopefully his next directing gig leaves him in a happier place.

(via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)