Josh Brolin Dishes On The Experience of Playing Thanos So Far

It’s safe to say that the majority of Marvel fans are waiting with bated breath to see mega-villain Thanos in action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with good reason: Thanos is easily one of the most most hyped-up movie villains in recent memory, with every small post-credits scene featuring the Mad Titan causing Marvel geeks to salivate even more.

With all this build-up to the character’s big feature in the next few years, how does the actor playing Thanos feel about what he’s done in the role so far? According to Josh Brolin, it’s been one of the the highlights of his career:

“It’s not voice work, it’s mo-cap. I’m there. I’m there and I’m not in a booth. I’m being filmed. I have a bunch of crap on my face. [laughs] I’m being filmed by like thirty-four cameras? Thirty-six cameras? Something like that. Every movement, everything. So, it’s very new to me, it’s very exciting, it’s very unnerving. But I sure trust these guys! You know? We’re supposed to get together very soon to talk about the trajectory of Thanos in the next few years and it’s very exciting. It’s one of the better decisions I think I’ve made.” [Via: Superhero Hype]

It sounds like Brolin is committed to the role for the long haul, which is great news because he’s a fine actor and, judging by his brief appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, a great fit for the role. We just hope the lead-up will have been worth the wait when Thanos is finally unleashed upon Earth’s mightiest heroes over the course of Marvel’s Phase Three film trajectory.

(via: Latino Review)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)