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Hitman 2: Sean Bean Becomes Agent 47’s Exclusive Target In New Trailer

The renowned actor Sean Bean has teamed up with IO Interactive to create some awesome new content for the upcoming Hitman 2 video game.

The actor will appear as the games first ‘Elusive Target’, a new form of high risk/high reward contracts in the game, which will only be available for a limited time.

Bean will play a character named Mark ‘The Undying’ Faba, a former MI5 member who left the world of MI5 to become a freelance assassin. His character was first introduced in the live action trailer that IO Interactive revealed today.

IO Interactive studio head, Hakan Abrak, recently spoke on the collaborative project with Sean Bean.

“We are very proud to partner with the talented Sean Bean on the first Elusive Target mission in Hitman 2, Elusive Targets have become a distinguishing trait in Hitman games as part of the constant stream of free live content for all players to enjoy. This new mission starring Sean Bean is one of many updates, features, modes and franchise firsts coming to Hitman 2, making the next chapter in our ever-expanding world of assassination a richer game for our passionate community and newcomers to the series.”

Watch the official trailer below:

Sean Bean is a fantastic actor and has played some really great characters over the years, but one thing always seems to stay true in his productions, someone or something will kill Sean Bean and with a character that is quite literally designed to be the target of an assassination, few could make such perfect sense for the role.

What are your thoughts on the Hitman game series and their decision to cast Bean as a target? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: Polygon / comicbook

Liam Bentley

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