‘Deadpool’ Writers Had To Get Marvel’s Permission For One Important Thing

With its R-rated levels of violence and profanity, Deadpool gets away with more than pretty much any superhero movie ever. Even though the film is produced by Fox and not Marvel, you would think that the film’s creators would have had to get the latter’s approval at every stage of production.

As it turns out, director Tim Miller and co. were pretty much given carte blanche by Marvel to do what they wanted, but they did have to go to Deadpool’s original creators to get approval on one thing in particular – Negosonic Teenage Warhead.

That’s right — the mutant with the greatest name ever was the one thing that the Deadpool needed permissions to use. The reason? It turns out that Deadpool’s version of NTW is quite a bit different from her comics counterpart, a telepath who can see visions of the future. The Deadpool team instead wanted to turn the character into a mutant who could beat the crap out of people, meaning that they had to go directly to Marvel to make sure it was okay. Writer Paul Wernick explains:

“It was the one thing we needed Marvel’s actual approval on, that they had to reach out for…Tim [Miller, the director] has a relationship with [Marvel President] Kevin Feige and I think he went straight to Kevin because all the lawyers, you know, it gets messy with the lawyers.” [via Cinema Blend]

Well, it’s good to see Marvel and Fox able to agree on something.


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)