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Daniel Radcliffe Admits He Abused Alcohol When ‘Harry Potter’ Ended

How do you cope with no longer being the star of one of the biggest movie franchises the world has ever seen? For Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself on the big screen, the answer was simple — drink a lot.

Radcliffe was on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast this week to chat about all things Hollywood. He talked in detail about his addiction to alcohol and how it got worse as the end of the Harry Potter films arrived.

“I was living alone, and I think I was really freaked out,” said Radcliffe. “I drank a lot. I think it was more to do with going out in public and having a battle within me of thinking no, I can have a totally normal life.”

It’s not the first time Radcliffe has spoken publicly about his battles with alcohol. He admitted in 2012 that in some of the final Harry Potter scenes, he was still drunk from the night before.

We can’t imagine what it must be like to become an international celebrity at 10-years old and then have to basically live most of your life as another character for a decade. Things have gone a lot worse for other child stars. The good news is that Radcliffe has been sober since 2013 and has no plans to go back to drinking.

“You get bored of waking up feeling like that,” he told Maron on the podcast.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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