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Daniel Craig’s Leather Gloves May Have Cost ‘Skyfall’ Millions Of Dollars

A lot of time and money goes into the post-production process of blockbuster movies, with CGI being the most costly addition of all. However, while everyone knows it’s expensive to add special effects, it can also cost a lot of money to remove certain elements in post. Such is the case with the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall, where millions of dollars was reportedly spent to remove a pair of gloves that Daniel Craig insisted upon wearing in some of his scenes.

This story comes by way of journalist and filmmaker Charlie Lyne, who reported a story he heard about how a pair of leather gloves purchased by Craig to be worn by his James Bond character in Skyfall had to be edited out with special effects in order to avoid a significant continuity and logic hole.

The story goes that Craig wanted to wear his gloves during Skyfall’s casino scene, but the editors realized after the fact that the moment where a henchman can’t use Bond’s gun — the one coded to his fingerprints — would no longer make any sense, since 007 wouldn’t be able to fire the gun either if he were wearing gloves. Rather than reshoot everything, they digitally replaced the gloved hands with bare hands.

Although Lyne brings up an interesting story, Phil Noble Jr. at Birth.Movies.Death has called the whole scenario into question. He points out that no competent costume designer would approve a set of leather gloves to be worn with a tuxedo. Craig has a habit of incorporating cool stuff he finds into his James Bond costumes, but he probably has enough fashion sense to realize what a faux pas this would be.

Instead, it’s being suggested that the gloves actually had to be edited out of the Shanghai scene where Bond fights a hitman in a skyscraper. For one thing, this is the only scene in the film where Bond is wearing the gloves and also the only part where he uses his fingerprint. It stands to reason then that this was really the scene that had to be edited in post to remove the gloves.

As you can see in the above video, Bond isn’t wearing the gloves for the majority of the scene, but after he puts his gun away, he suddenly has the gloves on again. Oh and here’s another bit of evidence that supports the story that the gloves had to be edited out:

http://www.slashfilm.com/leather-gloves-in-skyfall/ Source: slashfilm.com

That’s one of the first images released to promote Skyfall, which shows Bond wearing his gloves while also brandishing his fingerprint gun. Of course, none of this is 100% proves that the gloves were removed in post-production, but the evidence sure seems to suggest it. After all, it’s not the first time something had to be edited out of one of Craig’s Bond films.

(Source: Slashfilm)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)