Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

‘Batman v Superman’ Almost Featured The Joker and The Riddler

Batman v Superman is a busy affair with a ton of different characters but it almost had even more in the form of two of Batman’s most famous villains.

In a recent interview with Collider, director Zack Snyder revealed that The Joker and The Riddler came close to being featured in the film. “We talked about the possibility of putting them in. [Screenwriter] Chris Terrio and I talked about it a lot and felt that their mythological presence is felt in the movie, and that’s cool, but I didn’t want to get my eye too far off the ball because I needed to spend the time, frankly, with Batman and Superman to understand the conflict.”

Of course, fans already know they’ll get to see The Joker this summer in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, so it won’t be a long wait to see the clown prince of crime in action again, but it remains to be seen when we’ll get to see a new incarnation of The Riddler. A live action Riddler hasn’t been seen since Jim Carrey’s rendition in 1995’s Batman Forever, so the character is more than overdue for an appearance. Perhaps he’ll be one of the villains of the upcoming solo Batman film, but with no confirmed release date yet, we’ll still have to wait awhile to find out.

Even without The Joker and The Riddler, the rogue’s gallery of Batman v Superman looks more than acceptable with the likes of Lex Luthor and Doomsday on tap, not to mention the epic clash between the two title characters.

(via: Entertainment Weekly)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)