Batman: The Killing Joke: Watch The First Full Trailer For The R-Rated Animated Movie

In addition to the teaser released earlier this month, Warner Bros has now dropped the first true trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke, the upcoming animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic Dark Knight comic.

Considered by many to be the definitive Joker story, The Killing Joke is notable for being the first R-Rated Batman movie (though the upcoming R-rated cut of Batman v Superman makes this a bit of a grey area). Couple that with the return of both Mark Hamill, a.k.a. the best actor to ever give voice to the Joker, and beloved Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, and The Killing Joke could very well be one of the best Batman movies ever, animated or otherwise.

The film is expected to premiere at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD at some point later in the year.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)