‘Avengers: Age of Ulton’ Deleted Scene Shows Full Thor vs. Vision Battle

Remember when Thor’s lightning bolt seemingly gave birth to The Vision in Age of Ulton? After a few tense moments, Vision and the Avengers realize they are on the same side and get down to business of stopping Ultron and his army of deadly robots.

But that wasn’t the original plan. In this deleted scene, you can see that The God of Thunder and Vision (along with some of the other Avengers) actually have a pretty decent battle scene before they come to their senses. Hilariously, the deleted scene only had some of the special effects finished before it was cut, so Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor looks like of like cardboard and Vision’s outfit is completely absent, save for the marks where it would be filled in with CGI.

Also, that cape looks so damn fake. Here’s both the deleted scene, and the final cut as it appeared in the movie. Which do you think is better?

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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